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The best Far Cry 6 camp facilities and how to upgrade them

Not your ordinary camp

Far Cry 6 camp upgrades are more important than the game makes them sound.

You’ll unlock camp upgrades after you make contact with one of Yara’s other revolutionary groups on the mainland and have the option to spend materials, such as metal, to enhance Libertad’s capabilities.

All Far Cry 6 camp facilities and what they do

Once you’ve established a camp, you automatically get access to the construction counter. The upgrade types are the same regardless of which region you’re in, but you can only choose two facilities per camp. Unlocking and upgrading each requires metal, medicine, or other scrap items you’ll find across Yara.

Far Cry 6 camp facilities list

Facility Cost Effect
Hideout Network 30 Metal, 30 Gasolina Unlocks fast travel locations across Yara
Bandidos Barracks 40 Medicine, 40 Metal Unlocks Bandidos missions, recruitment, and outfitter
Guerilla Garrison 60 Metal, 60 Gasolina Supplies your guerillas with better weapons and unlocks laptops for scouting FND bases
La Cantina 60 Metal, 60 Gasolina Unlocks the canteen, where you can cook and eat meals to obtain buffs
Hunter's Lodge 40 Medicine, 40 Metal Reveals hunting spots for finding rare animals and offers buffs and gear to make hunting easier
Fishing Hut 40 Medicine, 40 Gasolina New fishing spots and buffs and gear for making fishing easier

The best Far Cry 6 camp facilities

Not every facility is worth your materials. The first one you should buy and upgrade is the Hideouts. Far Cry 6 has no fast travel locations outside a handful of important sites, and unlocking hideouts is the only way to change that.

Once you have the Hideout Network available, you can purchase several networks across Yara, including Esperanza and other places you haven't visited yet. More open up as you upgrade the facility.

The Bandidos Barracks should be next on your list. By the time you get your first camp, you should have enough Bandidos recruited for a few missions, and these are a handy way of getting new weapons and upgrade materials without having to find them yourself.

The remaining camp facilities are, admittedly, not that necessary except the Guerilla Garrison. Upgrading the Garrison unlocks new weapons for sale at Juan's shop, and these are usually weapons you can't obtain until much later in the game or from random drops. Unless you're determined to find every rare animal, the hunting and fishing upgrades are pretty superfluous.

If you're still getting the hang of guerilla life in Far Cry 6, we've got the guides to help. Check out our picks for the best weapons, along with what to use Chorizo's key for, and how to solve the Rising Tide puzzle.

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