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Far Cry 6 A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Puzzle Solution and Lever Order

Find the numbered boats to get the right lever order

The Far Cry 6 A Rising Tide treasure hunt makes you work for your reward.

The legends of ‘67 still mean something to the Yaran citizens of El Este, but your connections to them from Far Cry 6's story won’t help you solve the boat number puzzle in the A Rising Tide treasure hunt.

In the A Rising Tide treasure hunt, Dani has to pull levers - each named after a Yaran rebel or one of the legends of ‘67 - in the correct order to unlock a stash of items.

The puzzle solution is right in front of you, hidden amongst the boats outside also bearing the same storied names as the levers.

There’s one devious trick thrown in there as well, so here’s what you need to know to complete the A Rising Tide treasure hunt in Far Cry 6.

How do you complete the A Rising Tide treasure hunt in Far Cry 6?

To solve the lever puzzle, first take stock of what’s in front of you.

From left to right as you’re looking at the locked door, the levers are El Tigre, Roja Victoria, Clarita, Papi Chulo, and El Lucky.

The bell on the table isn’t part of the puzzle even though you can interact with it, and there’s another orange lever right by the door that resets the puzzle if you get it wrong.

To crack the solution, go out into the fishing village outside. Dotted around you will find different boats also bearing the names of the legends. Inside the boats, there will be a number that tells you when to pull their lever in the sequence.

El Tigre is number 1.

Papi Chulo is not equal to 5. So you need to place him by process of elimination.

Clarita is number 4 in the sequence.

Then El Lucky is number 3.

This means you can fill in the blanks and say that Roja Victoria is number 5 and Papi Chulo is number 2.

So the right order is: El Tigre, Papi Chulo, El Lucky, Clarita, Roja Victoria.

Pulling the levers in this order unlocks the powered door and grants you some resources and one of Far Cry 6’s unique weapons.

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