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Fall Guys goes free to play on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC today!

Jump in on the fun at the exact release time today, just don't let your boss know.

Fall Guys is going free to play today across PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Nintendo Switch. This family friendly battle royale platformer, which is excellent by the way, will be downloadable free of charge with cross play and cross-platform progression, meaning beans both hardened and fresh will be able to dive back into the games with zero barriers to entry.

What time will Fall Guys be free?

If you’re wondering what time Fall Guys will be free, the exact Fall Guys release time for the update is: 5AM West Coast USA (PDT) / 8AM East Coast USA (EDT) / 1PM UK (BST) / 2PM Europe (CET).

Check out the new Fall Guys free for all trailer here!

If you’ve previously bought into the world of vast pink oceans of sludge, padded obstacles, and vicious family friendly fun then you’re not walking away empty handed. Those who’ve paid for Fall Guys will be receiving several free cosmetics including a nickname, a nameplate, the Regal costume, the Veggie Dog costume, and the Feisty Dwarf costume. You also get a free premium battle pass for the initial post-F2P season!

All the free stuff players can get with the Fall Guys legacy pack.
The free stuff you get as a past supporter is a nice spread of costumes and other goodies.

That pass, which features 100 levels, will automatically unlock the following season pass if you manage to make it all the way to the end. That means you battle-scarred Fall Guys players, who know all the tips and tricks to the menagerie of stages, will be able to roll over any investment made.

One of the newer stages added to Fall Guys
If you've not played in some time, you'll be shocked how many new stages have been added!

If you’re looking for some info on Fall Guys, they’ve added a fairly exciting range of themed costumes over the years you may have a taste for! Also, if you totally missed the zeitgeist around this game when it originally released, check out our coverage of the massive impact it made back in the day.

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