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Epic Games rolls out new Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys accounts for kids

In an attempt to provide a safer and more inclusive experience for children, Epic Games has started rolling out Cabined Accounts.

Epic Games has begun to roll out a new type of account that is specifically for children using the service to play online, multiplayer games. The new accounts are called ‘Cabined Accounts’, and will aim to provide a tailored experience that is both safe and inclusive for younger players using Epic Games.

The Cabined Accounts began being rolled out yesterday, Wednesday 7, in games such as Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys. Most Epic users might recall seeing a one-time request for their age when first using Epic Games Store. Essentially, any user who says that they’re under the age of 13 will be granted a Cabined Account.

A Cabined Account will allow the player to access the games they know and love, but a few key features will be disabled. This includes voice and text communications, the ability to buy in-game items with real money, and the means to download games that aren’t by Epic.

Cabined Accounts are also excluded from Rocket League trades, custom display names, email marketing or push notifications, and the Epic account cannot be used to link to external accounts, such as social media or streaming services.

For those who do want access to any of the locked features, consent from a parent or guardian is needed first, who can set up and adjust parental control features for their child. For those with accounts already who are under the age of 13, accounts will automatically become Cabined Accounts.

This seems like a sensible move from Epic, allowing players to jump into their most popular games without necessarily needing parental consent, while simultaneously not putting themselves or parents bank cards at risk.

You can learn more about Cabined Accounts in Epic’s FAQ.

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