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Fall Guys surpasses 50 million players just two weeks after going free to play

It reached 20 million players after just 48 hours.

The team over at Mediatonic can continue to rejoice in their efforts. After the 2020 battle royale, Fall Guys, went free to play in June, it has now surpassed over 50 million players in just two weeks.

The title, admittedly, had a bit of a shaky start when servers would not cooperate after it went free. Mediatonic took to socials to apologize, and it became pretty clear that the developer must've never expected this many players to be trundling through assault courses.

Just 48 hours after becoming free, Fall Guys had raked in 20 million players. Now, announced via Fall Guys' Twitter account, the game has seen over 50 million players stumble in and take to the stage in just two weeks.

It's certainly a cause for celebration for the team, and I hope they're all unwinding with a few rounds of Hex-A-Gone, which is arguably the best event - just saying.

Ultimately, there's no real indicator as to how many of these players were simply trying out the game or as to who will be sticking around. So, it's likely that we'll see this number drop over time, especially given that there is some upset right now regarding cross-progression and micro-transactions. One look at the replies to any tweet from the Fall Guys' account, and you'll see that there is a significant amount of upset from some fans at the moment.

Only time will tell as to whether Fall Guys' and developer, Mediatonic, is able to keep this momentum up. Were you one of the 50 million players, and will you be returning to the game anytime soon?

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