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Fall Guys Cross Platform Progression Guide: How to link your Epic Games account for cross-save

Here's how to save your progress across both PC and console in Fall Guys!

Mediatonic's multiplayer rumble, Fall Guys, is full of life, colour, and chaos. Now, with the launch of Fall Guys Free for All, you'll be able to jump and dodge various assault courses on every platform, completely free of charge.

Given the launch of Fall Guys Free for All, you might be wondering how cross-platform progression works. Well, fortunately for you, it's rather straight forward!

The good news is that cross-platform progression can be saved (for the most part) in Fall Guys. So, if you're typically a PC player like me, you'll be able to bounce around as an unruly bean on PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch with your favourite cosmetics.

Fall Guys Cross Progression: How to link your Epic Games account

When you first launch Fall Guys, you'll be asked to create an Epic Games account or sign into a pre-existing one.

  • To link your accounts, you'll need to sign into the Epic Games website.
  • Now, hover over your name and select 'Accounts.
  • From here, select 'Connections' and then the second 'Accounts' tab.
  • You can now connect your Steam, Xbox, PlayStation Network, and Nintendo accounts.
  • A pop up window will appear for each connection, and you will be asked to sign into that account in order to connect them.

It's also worth noting that the first account you link to your Epic Games account will be your primary account. You will not be able to unlink this particular account in Fall Guys without reaching out to Mediatonic support directly, so select your first connection carefully.

Beans run amok a fairground world in Season 6 of Fall Guys.
More bashful beans causing chaos.

Fall Guys Cross Progression: What actually gets carried over between platforms?

Ultimately, things like Kudos, Crowns, and Shards are not carried over between saves, and these will need to be sought for on your primary account. The same applies to your Crown Rank, too.

The account in which you have the most progress on should be your primary, as to not lose any significant progress when playing on other platforms.

If you have cosmetics on an account other than your primary, these also are not carried over, but Mediatonic can transfer them if you reach out to them directly.

It's a little disappointing that not as much progress is carried over as anticipated, but it is exciting to know that you can jump between platforms and play alongside friends, at least.

Does Fall Guys support cross-platform play?

As of the Free for All update, cross platform play between PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch is supported. Provided all of your accounts are synced to your Epic Games account, as explained above, you'll be able to play with friends across all platforms.

As of June 21, 2022, players will not be able to download Fall Guys via Steam, and must install the game through the Epic Games Store. Steam players will continue to receive the same updates as other players, however.

That's it when it comes to cross platform progression in Fall Guys! Will you be jumping in with friends this week?

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