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How to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s a fixer-upper that needs a lot of TLC, to say the least.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll start out with a quaint, run-down shack for a home. However, as you go about cleaning up the Plaza and getting to know the inhabitants - namely, Disney characters - you’ll find that you can upgrade your house.

Catch the gameplay overview trailer for Disney Dreamlight Valley here, and see what else there is to look forward to.

That said, you’ll have to put a significant amount of work in around Dreamlight Valley before Scrooge McDuck offers to help fix your place up. Yet, it’s worth it, as not only will your Dreamlight Valley home look better and be bigger, it’ll also store more!

Without further ado, here’s how to upgrade your house in Dreamlight Valley.

How to unlock interior house upgrades in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s not as straight-forward or as immediate as you’d have hoped, but to unlock house upgrades in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need to be on Scrooge McDuck’s good side. That said, start off by building his shop beside your home for 1,000 coins.

The exterior of Scrooge McDuck's shop after the player pays to fix and open it in Disney Dreamlight Valley
This is Scrooge McDuck's shop!

As you make progress, continue to check in with Scrooge McDuck and complete any quests that he assigns to you. These include buying something from his shop, wearing some of Scrooge McDuck’s finest garments in an attempt to advertise the store, and will also see you finally unlock a Crafting Station.

Sooner or later, you’ll be tasked with the Dreamlight Valley Economy 101 quest, where you’ll need to sell off seven gems at Goofy’s stall.

Once this is complete, return to Scrooge McDuck, and he’ll give you a run down regarding house upgrades. Now, head inside your home and look to the left of the entrance. Here, there’ll now be a menu which can be accessed to upgrade the interior of your house by adding new rooms and so forth.

The elevator that allows players to buy interior house upgrades in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Check out this elevator to upgrade the interior of your house.
The menu for interior house upgrades in Disney Dreamlight Valley
After upgrading your first room, this is what the interior house upgrade menu looks like.

How to unlock exterior house upgrades in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After speaking with Scrooge McDuck once more, there’ll also be a Scrooge McDuck sign outside your home, and this is where you’ll need to go if you wish to upgrade the exterior of the house.

A player speaks with Scrooge McDuck about exterior house upgrades in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Exterior upgrades are very pricey... but they do add further home storage.

The first upgrade is primarily a cosmetic one, but they do also provide some additional storage inside your home! Following this, further exterior upgrades will build more floors in your house.

All house upgrades in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After having finally unlocked house upgrades in Dreamlight Valley, there's a lot of them you'll need to save up for. You'll first be able to expand your main room, and will then be able to unlock brand new rooms of varying sizes with further expansions, and new floors.

The interior house upgrades in Disney Dreamlight Valley are as follows:

  1. First Expansion: 1000 Star Coins
  2. Second Expansion: 2000 Star Coins
  3. 6x6 Room: 1000 Star Coins
  4. 8x8 Room: 2000 Star Coins
  5. 10x10 Room: 3000 Star Coins

The exterior house upgrades in Disney Dreamlight Valley are as follows:

  1. First Exterior Expansion: 2000 Star Coins (Tidies up exterior, adds storage)
  2. Second Floor: 20000 Star Coins (Adds second floor, and more storage)
  3. Third Floor: 75000 Star Coins (Adds third floor, and more storage)

Upgrading your house in Dreamlight Valley is as simple as that, provided you’re happy to help out Scrooge McDuck beforehand! For more on Disney Dreamlight Valley, don’t forget to retrieve all of the Royal Tools.

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