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Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins: How to make money quickly

Line your pockets with plenty of Star Coins!

When it comes to relaxing games, Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the most charming to unwind with. As you build a beautiful town full of friends with familiar faces, there’s nothing quite like being able to carry out all of your farming and foraging tasks alongside the likes of Goofy, Moana, WALL-E, and more. But let's not neglect how important is also is to make money and earn Star Coins, too!

On that note, moving every character into your valley and upgrading things like stalls, stores, and your home certainly adds up over time, and leaves your pocket bereft of Star Coins pretty often. That said, in this guide we explain how to money quickly in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to make money in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are a few ways you can spend your time trying to make more money in Disney Dreamlight Valley. While some are more effective than others and will rake in loads more Star Coins, there are plenty of ways to earn coins while going about your usual tasks and resource farming.

Clear Night Thorns

When you first start out in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it’ll be covered in purple Night Thorns. Clearing out all of these will often drop coins for you, and in some cases if you’re lucky, a yellow chest might even be dropped which will contain more money.

Every time you unlock a new area using Dreamlight, it’ll be covered in Night Thorns again for you to clear. In addition, more Night Thorns spawn every day for you to take care of.

Sell unwanted foraged items

This isn’t the most riveting way of farming for cash, nor does it fetch you that much money. However, it’s easy enough to do without needing to go out of your way.

Whenever you’re exploring the valley, completing quests and whatever else, be sure to forage all the items that you can. Whatever you need can be taken to storage or used, and the leftovers can be sold off to Goofy.

A player looks at basil growing in Disney Dreamlight Valley

While I recommend always saving materials like wood, stone, and ore, there’s no harm in selling off your spare flowers, herbs, and whatever else you pick up.

Unlock new areas

When you're first getting started in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you won't actually have access to much of the map. Be sure to save up those Dream Shards and slowly unlock new areas, as these are simply additional space for you to go about farming, foraging, and more.

New areas mean more places to farm for gemstones, access to new crops at Goofy's stalls, and access to new resources that grow naturally in the differing areas. It takes a bit of time to unlock them all, but make sure you're saving up to do it!

Catch and sell fish

It’s as simple as it sounds. Go fishing, and sell off the rare fish that you won’t use for cooking meals.

More specifically, be sure to fish by the blue and yellow circles in bodies of water whenever they appear. More often than not, this means your catch will be a little more valuable. I personally save fish such as Cod, Herring, Lancetfish, and Anglerfish, as these can be used to cook meals more valuable than the fish themselves.

A player fishes alongside Elsa on a rainy day in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In addition, be sure to hang out with a character that specialises in fishing if you’re planning to fish for a while. Not only will this boost your friendship levels, but they’ll regularly drop some extra goods for you, too.

Mine for gems

Much like the above task, mining is better with a friend who specialises in it, so that you have the chance of gathering more gems, like Emeralds, or other resources.

Mining is a time-consuming task, but once you learn where every vein is to mine from, it’s easy enough to place your wells so that you can teleport between veins and continually mine. Always mine veins with coloured gems peeking out of them, but don’t neglect plain veins either; sometimes, these will hide away gems too.

A player mines for gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Be sure to save any ore, coal, or rock you may find, and you may want to hold onto 2 or 3 of each gem for later use (they come up in quite a few quests!). Aside from this, you can sell all the gems you find for a half-decent price.

Cook and sell meals

Cooking up a storm and selling some meals has been my personal go-to for farming Star Coins. While resource farming for ingredients can take a short while sometimes, you’ll be able to outright buy many ingredients from Chez Remy once it’s fully upgraded.

A player cooks a meal beside Remy in Chez Remy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are quite a few recipes that’ll help you out financially in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and we’ve detailed them all in our guide to the best recipes to sell, and to use for energy. Many of the most valuable recipes use pumpkins or valuable fish, so be sure to keep a hold of these ingredients when you find them.

Grow crops and sell them, especially pumpkins

If farming is your forte, then you can start a pumpkin farm. Or any farm, really. Selling excess vegetables can rack up some money, when you're not using them to cook up a storm.

That said, pumpkins aren’t actually unlocked until much later in Disney Dreamlight Valley, when you’re able to unlock Forgotten Lands. Once here, you can fix up Goofy’s stall and purchase pumpkin seeds for 275 Star Coins. Some other vegetables to consider selling, once you have access to them, are eggplants.

That price for seeds may seem hefty, but rest assured, your pumpkins will sell for upwards of 600 coins when grown and sold. If you cook them and make Pumpkin Puffs or Pumpkin Soup, you can even earn upwards of 1000 coins for each meal.

Unlock Remy's cafe

Whenever you finally get to meet up with star of Ratatouille fame, Remy, you'll soon be able to unlock his cafe in your valley. I recommend doing this whenever it becomes available to you, as Remy's cafe will grant you easy access to some important items for making valuable meals!

With Remy's cafe opened, you can get your hands on cheese and eggs with ease. These are vital for cooking up Pumpkin Puffs (mentioned above) which can net you plenty of Star Coins.

Hang out with friends

Hanging out with the familiar faces in Dreamlight Valley isn't just a good way to go about levelling friendship with them. While hanging out with a character of a specific proficiency, and completing that action, you can earn additional items which you can use to earn money.

A player fishes alongside Mother Gothel at Dazzle Beach in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Fishing with friends also proficient in fishing can earn you more fish, and vice versa.

For example, I have Wall-E, Mother Gothel, and Goofy all proficient in fishing. So when I go about catching fish to cook meals with, or simply sell off, I bring one of those two characters with me in the hopes of bagging some extra fish.

That’s it for money-making methods across Disney Dreamlight Valley. For more, be sure to upgrade your tools, so you can access more areas, and don’t forget to feed the Critters!

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