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  • Indie title Cardinal Quest free today only

    Indie game designer Ido Yehieli has announced that gamers can download the dungeon crawler Cardinal Quest for free, today only.

  • Sony removes OS options with PS3 upgrade

    Sony’s released PS3 Firmware 3.21, removing the option to use other operating systems on the machine.

  • Updated World of Goo Linux and Mac demos released

    Haven’t played World of Goo yet? Linux or Mac user? You’re in luck. Updated demos for both are now available here and here. Not exactly sure what “updated” entails, but it should give you something to do later at any rate.

  • CCP drops Linux EVE

    There is to be no more Linux version of EVE Online, according to this official forum post, the unloved stepchild of CCP’s spacey MMO to be dropped on March 10. It launched alongside the game’s Mac client last November. Why’s it being nuked? Says Slashdot: “The client was not preferred for Linux users as it […]

  • Penumbra: Black Plague demo live for PC, Mac and Linux

    Tom Jubert, the lead writer on the Penumbra games, dropped us a line to let us know all the demos for Penumbra: Black Plague are now live. You can get the client for Windows, Mac or Linux, so if you fancy a bit of personal computing horror at no cost, look no further. The full […]