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Hopping back into Fallout 4 and want to spice up your new character? One of its top perk overhaul mods just got a fresh revamp

Hot diggity, the ability to hop like a radioactive frog.

Fallout 4's Sole Survivor.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda

Following Amazon's Fallout TV show, folks have been hopping en masse back into their favorite games in the series. If that's been Fallout 4 for you, and you want a way to spice your playthrough up, you're in luck, as one of the game's most pupular perk overhaul mods has just gotten a fresh revamp.

Yup, because it's all well and good building your own version of Lucy, Maximus, or The Ghoul to play as, a big part of the Fallout experience comes from creating your own unique little vault dweller to take on the wasteland as. Plus, you might want a way to inject something fresh into your playthrough build-wise, especially if you're planning on waiting until your other mods have been updated before hopping into Fallout 4's next-gen update.

Enter 'Hot Diggity - Skills Perks - Redux' by modder FishFiend. Building on the work they did on the original Hot Diggity a few years ago, this 2.0 version has the same goal - make Fallout 4 a bit more diverse character-building wise, in order to make it more fun to play for the 50th, or thousandth, time.

To this end, Hot Diggity gives the game a skill system that's more like those seen in the series prior to Fallout 4, with an emphasis on making it easier to create a character that feels unique, by ensuring you're far less likely to just pick the same few "essential perks" every time. As well as adding plenty of new "niche perks" to incentivise more varied character builds, it also revamps a number of vanilla perks, and brings back a traits system like those seen in the classic Fallouts and New Vegas.

When it comes to this new version specifically, FishFiend says the mod's been "rebuilt from the ground up to provide a better player experience with better compatibility". They've also added in 50 new perks - including one called Frog Legs that looks to let you bounce around the map like an Oblivion players that's specced into acrobatics -, revamped some more of the vanilla perks, and given you a bunch of extra traits and skills to play around with.

While FishFiend admits that they've released the mod a bit earlier than planned - likely in order to give people a chance to try it out before Fallout 4's next-gen update likely renders it and its dependencies in need of an update - they've seemingly got plenty of plans for stuff they'd like to do with it once those updates have been deployed. Until then, you might be ok to keep using it if you've opted to try and stop your version of Fallout 4 from updating as soon as the next-gen update drops, as some players will be doing.

Oh, and, if you're looking for another cool Fallout 4 mod to try while you wait for Fallout 4's next-gen-update to drop, here's one that adds a really cool version of Lucy Mcclane's tranquiliser pistol to the game.

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