Ea Q3 Financials 2009

EA will “succeed” when it addresses Wii audience, says Pachter

EA’s right to focus heavily on Wii to bring itself through its financial crisis, Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter has told VG247, and that success in the Wii market is nothing short of pivotal to the publisher’s survival. “I think it is essential to address the growing Wii installed base,” the analyst said today. “It is […]

Ea Q3 Financials 2009 headlines

  • Pachter: The Riccitiello I heard last night is the right man to save EA

    Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter has told VG247 he believes EA CEO John Riccitiello is the right person to lead the firm, through its current economic quagmire, but only on his earnings call performance last night. “I think that the John Riccitiello who spoke last night is definitely the right person,” said the analyst. “The Riccitiello […]

  • Warhammer Online subs drop to 300,000

    Whoops. EA said yesterday that Warhammer Online subscriptions fell to 300,000 in the quarter ending December 31. The news came as part of the company’s third quarter financial release. Mythic claimed the MMO had 750,000 registered players in October last year. Thanks, Massively.

  • EA market share drops 3% in Europe

    It’s the third quarter financial release that keeps on giving. EA showed off market share for the US and Europe as part of its figures statement yesterday, revealing its slice of the European games pie dropped to 16 percent in the three months ending December 31, compared to 19 percent in the previous year. American […]

  • FIFA 09 sales near 8 million

    FIFA 09 has sold 7.8 million copies to date, EA CFO Eric Brown said in the firm’s Q3 conference call last night, conflicting an NPD joint-report on global sales last year. The stats group claimed the top five sellers in the UK, US and Japan didn’t include the game, instead pointing to Mario Kart, Wii […]

  • EA Q3 financials - everything in one place

    EA had a rare old time yesterday, confirming a giant Q3 loss, the dropping of 1,100 staff and plenty more to boot. Videogames news gold, it was. There’s no need to trudge through your newsreader or read “other sites,” to be honest. It’s all below. EA posts $641 million Q3 loss, will close 12 facilities […]

  • EA's Q3 earnings call - the full transcript posted

    On Seeking Alpha. There’s plenty of good stuff in there, if you were “in bed” when this happened last night, so you could do worse than pick over the bones with your coffee. Find all our news from the call here.

  • Riccitiello: Wii to get "half our emphasis'

    Speaking in EA’s Q3 earnings call last night, CEO John Riccitiello confirmed a heavy switch towards publishing Wii games in the coming year. EA’s goal, he said, is to “rival Nintendo on their own platform” and “get noticed [on Wii] in ways that no other third party will.” JR added: “Nintendo is the leader; they’re […]

  • Dead Space, Mirror's Edge hit 1 million mark

    EA CFO Eric Brown confirmed in the publisher’s Q3 earnings conference call today that Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge both sold over 1 million copies each in 2008. The figure includes sales for each port of both games, excluding the PC version of Mirror’s Edge, as it was only recently released. No mention was made […]

  • Godfather II pushed into fiscal 2010

    Slated to be released February 24 for PC, PS3 and 360, The Godfather II will instead be hitting retail shelves sometime during the 2010 fiscal year. EA stated during its Q3 conference call today that it wanted to release the game at a later date to build more excitement around the title. No exact release date […]

  • Battlefield Heroes to release before April 2009

    According to financial statements released by EA tonight, free-to-play DICE shooter Battlefield Heroes will release before the end of the company’s financial year in April. The game has bee delayed several times, and recently entered yet another beta phase. The news arrives on the back of Q3 losses to the tune of $641 million. Thanks, […]

  • Left 4 Dead rakes in 1.8 million in retail

    People love to shoot zombies – 1.8 million of them do, anyway. Valve’s Left 4 Dead has made significant sales at retail since launching last year, EA said in its Q3 2009 earnings call today. The number is a total for 360 and PC versions. No figures were divulged copies sold through Steam. But then, […]

  • EA: Sequels will be 2010's big hitters, says JR

    EA’s just predicted that a slew of sequels will form the bulk of the company’s revenue for fiscal 2010. Madden, Need for Speed SHIFT, Bad Company 2, the next Harry Potter game and The Sims 3 were named as the those likely to be the biggest games for the firm in the next financial year […]

  • Dead Space confirmed for Wii

    EA just confirmed a Wii version of Dead Space in its Q3 investor call. The firm said it is to focus on stronger marketing for Wii in the coming year, with Dead Space, new tennis titles, three MySims games and Hasbro brands We’re a little unclear on release date for the new version of 2008’s […]

  • New Battlefield and multi-format Mass Effect 2 for 2010 [Update]

    Update: N’Gai Croal reckons Mass Effect 2’s only been confirmed for PC and 360. Thanks, PT. EA just said in its Q3 conference call that both Mass Effect 2 and a Battlefield: Bad Company sequel will release in the first three months of 2010. CEO John Riccitiello appeared to confirm a multi-platform release for Mass […]

  • Sims 3 suffers four-month delay

    EA’s just confirmed that The Sims 3 has slipped from its planned February 20 release to June 2. “The June launch combined with the break-through game the team is building gives us the perfect runway to create awareness for The Sims 3,” said EA marketing boss Russell Arons. The news arrived today as EA announced […]

  • Dragon Age pushed back to "last half of 2009"

    Let the good times roll. BioWare’s just confirmed a nasty slip for PC RPG Dragon Age, back from the first six months of this year to the “last half of 2009”. The game will now release simultaneously with planned console versions, the Canadian developer said in a release. “Dragon Age: Origins is shaping up to […]

  • EA posts $641 million Q3 loss, will close 12 facilities

    EA’s posted a huge loss for the three months ending December 31, amounting to $641 million. Revenue for the period was was $1.65 billion, up $151 million compared with the $1.50 billion for the prior year. FIFA 09, Rock Band 2, Need for Speed Undercover, Rock Band, Left 4 Dead, Dead Space, Madden NFL 09, […]