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Skate 4 is getting console playtests, somewhere down the line

Full Circle also introduces "flumping" into the series.

A new episode of The Board Room has confirmed that Skate will be getting some playtests on console in the future, and that the game will have flumping. You know, flumping?

The latest episode of The Board Room gave us another look at the upcoming Skate game (still actually called skate. but I'm not writing it that way, sorry), showing off some of the gameplay activities we can look forward to whenever the game does launch. Right out the gate the episode asks, "what's the deal with console playtests?" sans any kind of Seinfeld cadence, and quickly answers that by quickly saying, "we're doing PC first, and then we've got more to share as we move into the consoles."

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Much like the release date, there's no timeframe as to when we can expect to try the game out on console, but given that all of the footage shown off is still being labelled as pre-pre-alpha, it's probably safe to expect it'll be a little while longer. On the topic of progression, it was once again made clear that the game won't have paid loot boxes, something that's been a concern amongst fans.

The devs also touched on a few activities the game will have, like Challenges, described as "short solo experiences that rotate in and out." There will also be Pop-ups, which will be more cooperative events, and Community Events, which will apparently need large groups of skaters. Lastly there are Throwdowns, which are customisable and user-initiated events that let players "gather together, build friendships (or maybe rivalries), practice, or show off."

As well as all that, the term "flumping" was mentioned on stream, a definitely real word that combines the words flicking and jumping, which is apparently what players will be doing when not on their boards.

Skate was originally announced three years ago after many years of fans asking for a new entry into the series. Not a huge amount of the game has been shown off yet as it's still in early development, but it seems like developer Full Circle is quite proactive at getting fans of the series involved with feedback through its playtests.

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