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EA shows off the very not ready Skate 4 and invites you to playtest it

Skate 4 isn't anywhere near done, but EA wants you to know it's still working on it.

Skate 4 definitely isn't ready yet, but EA has now put out a trailer showing in-development gameplay, as well as inviting people to sign up to playtest the game.

EA would very much like you to know that it is definitely, absolutely, for sure "still working on it," it being Skate 4, which they showed a bit of in a recent trailer. The trailer opens with a tongue-in-cheek warning that the gameplay being shown off is "pre-pre-pre-alpha" and when you take a look yourself, you can see what they mean by that.

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Whether pre-pre-pre-alpha is the technical term or not, mostly the game world of Skate 4 is made up of low poly blocks, grind rails, and ramps, though some sections do manage to look like the real world. In a refreshingly honest opener, the trailer does show some pretty goofy glitches, really reminding you that the game won't be ready for a while.

The rest of the trailer for the most part just looks like Skate, which is a good thing obviously! It also shows just a whole bunch of skates riding together at once, lending some strong credence to the belief that the game will have some kind of multiplayer.

As well as all that, the trailer notes that it is listening to fan requests and feedback, and now EA is inviting fans to sign up to playtest the game. The playtesting program is called skate. insider, and it both is and isn't closed beta/ alpha testing, as mentioned on the program's FAQ page.

There are no requirements other than being over the age of 18, so give it a shot if you fit that pretty broad bill. But the FAQ does note that not everyone is guaranteed to be invited, as EA "will be inviting players to participate in playtesting based on varying factors defined by our goals for testing at that time in development."

Don't expect to learn anything more about the game from playtesters if you aren't one though, as they will be unable to divulge if picked to take part.

This reveal lines up with a report from earlier in the month that suggested we'd see Skate 4 in July, and while obviously not ready, we have now seen it at the very least.

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