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EAFC 24 turned FIFA into an "interactive platform for the future of football fandom”, whatever that means

That seems like a very long winded way of saying ‘football game not called FIFA’, but ok.

Erling Haaland in EA Sports FC 24.
Image credit: VG247/EA

According to the bigwigs at Electronic Arts, EAFC 24’s launch managed to turn the popular FIFA series into a “powerful, interactive platform for the future of football fandom.”

Yes, that’s the same game which, quite recently, briefly suffered from an issue involving sticky balls which proved such a big problem that some players were afraid to jump into their usual slate of weekend games until it’d been fixed. It’s now thankfully been rectified.

That said, it definitely doesn’t look to have impacted EA FC’s ability to generate big numbers that look good in corporate earnings reports, playing a pretty big role in EA’s summary of its recently released Q2 financial results.

“We delivered a strong Q2 and successfully launched EA Sports FC,” EA CEO Andrew Wilson said in the publisher’s report for the financial quarter that drew to a close on September 30, “transforming one of the largest franchises in the world into a powerful, interactive platform for the future of football fandom.”

So yes, it would seem that EA believes it’s successfully assembled some kind of lucrative footy-based gaming Death Star now that it’s ditched the FIFA licence in favour of its own style of branding.

To be fair, the publisher cites EA Sports FC 24 as having amassed over 14.5 million active accounts within the first four weeks following its launch. When taken alongside the 11.3 million players it suggested had taken to the pitch during its the game’s debut week, paints the picture of an “interactive platform” that’s doing pretty well so far.

EA also alluded to “the continued strength of EA Sports FIFA 23” as having played a role in its success during this particular financial period, while the Madden NFL series did its part by outperforming last year’s net bookings by 6%.

In terms of the publisher’s plan for the future, Wilson added: “Looking ahead, our incredible teams will continue to innovate and expand across our world-class IP, building experiences that entertain our massive online communities, celebrate fandom, and increase connection for our growing global player base.”

So, continue to build up a bigger Death Star, it would seem.

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