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Best EAFC 24 Centurions Box-to-box midfielder Evolution players

Even high-rated players get some Evolutions love in EAFC 24!

The Centurions Box-to-box Midfielder Evolutions menu in EAFC 24 featuring Lyon player Sara Dabritz
Image credit: EA Sports/VG247

Evolutions in EAFC 24 were pitched as a way to upgrade your lesser-used but most beloved players so that they could compete with the rats and meta players. The Centurions Box-to-box midfielder Evolution does not do that.

This high-rated Evolution lets you choose from a host of the most powerful players in the game and boost them even higher - for a price.

150k is a big price to pay for an untradable card at this stage of EAFC 24, so if you’re in doubt just think about whether you would complete an SBC with the fully upgraded Evolutions player as the reward.

Either way, here are some of the best players we’ve seen so far that you can use in the Centurions Box-to-box midfielder Evolution in EAFC 24.

Best EAFC 24 Centurions Box-to-box midfielder players

Marcos Llorente - Atletico Madrid

Because of his rapid pace and all-round technical ability, Marcos Llorente has seen a ton of play in top teams both at right-back and in the centre of midfield.

This versatility, and a base pace of 92 meaning you can comfortably use an Anchor instead of a Shadow chem style, mean that Marcos Llorente is the obvious and most popular choice for this Evolution.

Post-Evolution his most disappointing stat is 79 Crossing, which is quite low for a full back, but even then he has the Whipped Pass Playstyle to compensate. To think that’s literally the worst part of a card with incredible speed, passing and defending, as well as the Rapid, Quick Step and Relentless Playstyles on top is just dizzying.

Aurelien Tchouameni - Real Madrid

If Llorente doesn’t fit your team however, or you want to be a hipster and try something different, or you just don’t like his face, there are a few more possible options.

One from the same league is Aurelien Tchouameni, who anyone that’s played with him will know is extremely good in-game, despite a perceived lack of pace.

A combination of Jockey, Intercept, Anticipate, Bruiser and Relentless make him an incredible presence in the middle of the pitch. A proper right-place-right-time wall that’s next to impossible to shrug off the ball.

Post-Evolution this is just even more the case. Rock solid passing means you can focus on further boosting his pace and defending and take full advantage of his diverse skill set.

Crystal Dunn - Portland Thorns

One of the best women’s players in EAFC 24, Crystal Dunn is a small Kante/Renato Sanches-like midfielder with unmatched pace and agility for a defensive midfielder.

The Bruiser Playstyle from the Centurions Box-to-Box Evolution only enhances her abilities, combining with her already high strength to make up for her 5ft 1” frame. Plus 88 Dribbling and 89 short passing she’s really tidy on the ball without needing a Chemistry Style boost.

She also plays for the same team as Sophia Smith and shares a League and nation with Alex Morgan, so is actually very easy to link despite coming from what would be considered an off-meta league.

Amel Majri - Lyon

Another great Women’s player you could choose for the Centurions Box-to-box Midfielder is the 5-star skiller and Whipped Pass plus user Amel Majri.

Coming from Lyon, and therefore linking to the new Lacazette, Diani and Delphine Cascarino, she’s easy to give chemistry to and is amazing on the ball with a laundry list of Playstyles.

If you’re looking for an elite attacking player rather than someone defensive from this Evolution, then she’s got great stats in tons of areas and can play CAM and LW.

Georgia Stanway - Bayern Munich

With a double link to Harry Kane, Georgia Stanway looks like an exceptionally good defensive midfielder for Bundesliga teams, with incredible dribbling, great pace and unbeatable passing with the Pinged Pass plus Playstyle to make use of it.

Julian Brandt - Dortmund

Alternatively from the German league, Julian Brandt is really good in-game, where his Tiki-taka plus Playstyle makes him incredible in tight attacking areas.

His size and body type have always made him surprisingly resilient on the ball, but the Bruiser Playstyle is only going to turn him into even more of a tank.

Boasting a whopping 10 Playstyles, he’s obviously going to feel powerful. However a lack of pace might make you look elsewhere unless he’s a perfect fit for your club.

Ismael Bennacer - AC Milan

Looking for a midfield partner for Rafael Leao? With a Shadow Chemistry Style, Ismael Bennacer is an extremely fast and extremely technically gifted defensive midfielder, capable of wrestling the ball from the opponent, shuttling it forward with great dribbling and agility, then pinging an incisive pass to a teammate in a dangerous area.

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