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Best EAFC 24 Trailblazer Centre Back Evolution players

This Evolution will help you to win headers in both boxes!

The Trailblazer Centre Back Evolution menu in EAFC 24 showing the Wolves defender Max Kilman.
Image credit: EA Sports/VG247

The Trailblazer Centre Back Evolution in EAFC 24 turns an otherwise unassuming defender into a demon in both boxes, giving them the Aerial Playstyle to outjump their opponents, Power Header to increase the speed of their shots and clearances, and Acrobat to weasel their way onto the ball with strange animations.

What’s more, it also comes with a huge pace, defending and physical boost, as well as upgrades to passing and dribbling to help your new player progress the ball too.

This Evolution is free for all players to complete, but can still only be used once. So you can make the right choice, here are the best Trailblazers Centre Back players we’ve seen so far.

Best EAFC 24 Trailblazer Centre Back Evolution players

Trevoh Chalobah - Chelsea

Chalobah was a popular choice for the previous Evolution too, but this time around he’s seen his price shoot up in response to both demand and coin traders trying to make a quick profit.

As well as great post-Evolution stats, Trevoh has a couple of key things going for him: CDM as an alternate position and two great Playstyles, Intercept and Slide Tackle.

At 6ft 3”, those Playstyles combined with Aerial make him pretty imperious both in the air and on the deck.

Clement Lenglet - Aston Villa

Despite not having a great season with Spurs last year, Clement Lenglet still retains some of that Barcelona DNA and his post-Evolution stats really surprised me.

With a Shadow he’s rocking 82 pace and 93 defending, but underratedly great passing stats (94 short passing and 85 long passing) make him super solid at building out from the back too.

With great links and a 4 star weak foot, there’s not a lot of downside here.

Thilo Kehrer - West Ham

Sticking with the Premier League theme, Thilo Kehrer is the best physical centre back you can use for this Evolution. With 93 mostly lengthy Sprint Speed and the Bruiser Playstyle as standard he’s an absolute wall.

However, it's all about physicality though. A 5 star weak foot and right-back in his listed positions make Kehrer a slick and versatile player who can operate equally well in the LCB and RCB roles.

Caglar Soyuncu - Atletico Madrid

For a very similar option to Kehrer, just with different links, look no further than Caglar Soyuncu. He’s only got 92 sprint speed compared to Kehrer’s 93, and no Bruiser, but Soyuncu has extremely high aggression to compensate.

Unai Nunez - Celta Vigo

If you’re building a Spanish league team, then Unai Nunez is an extremely classy option with this Evolution.

He’s got all the makings of a great covering defender, but with 88 short passing to restart the attack when he regains the ball.

Using a Shadow chem style he’s got 85 pace and 93 defending alongside 93 strength - a rock solid combination. That mixes with the Intercept and Slide Tackle Playstyles to help him get into the right place at the right time and come out cleanly with possession.

Poor agility and a 2 star weak foot stop this from being a truly special card, but he’s still well-worth considering.

Anthony Caci - Mainz

Caci is kind of the opposite of Ramy Bensebaini in the Trailblazers Slide Tackler Evolution where he’s more of a left back who can play centre back, but benefits well from the boosts either way.

Great strength, pace, passing and defending stats all work together to make him a solid part of a Bundesliga team, with his French nationality making up for Mainz not having any other good links.

Intercept and Anticipate are two incredible Playstyles for last ditch defending which, I don’t know about you but, you have to do a lot of in EAFC 24.

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