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UPDATE: EA Sports FC 24's fourth title update looks to deliver a proper fix for the infamous ‘calf dribble’ glitch

Sticky balls should hopefully no longer be a sticking point once the update goes live.

Some players in EA Sports FC 24.
Image credit: VG247/EA
UPDATE (31 October, 10:40AM GMT): EA has now confirmed via a tweet that this particular glitch has been addressed by title update four, adding that: "The Trickster+ PlayStyle was returned to applicable Player Items before the start of the UT Champions Finals this past weekend."

Last week, if you can believe it, some incredibly sticky balls were causing issues in EAFC 24. Luckily, it now seems that, following a temporary fix, the game’s upcoming title update might solve the problem in more permanent fashion.

In case this is your first encounter with what some players have dubbed the 'calf dribble' glitch, it’s an issue that can cause “the ball (to) incorrectly stick to a dribbler's leg as they run” during a match. Naturally, this caused plenty of anguish, especially given that players affected by the bug became impossible to tackle and could basically run through entire teams to score goals by dribbling on into the net.

Thankfully, the freshly published patch notes for FC 24’s fourth title update, which the developer notes “will soon be available” for all versions of the game, seem to reveal that a fix for the glitch is incoming as part of it. In the section of the notes dedicated to gameplay issues that the update addresses, the first entry reads: “In some situations, the ball could have incorrectly stuck to a dribbler's leg as they ran”, which is pretty much the exact description EA gave to the ‘calf dribble’ glitch in its previous tracker listing acknowledging the issue.

While that listing hasn’t yet been updated to 100% confirm that the fix mentioned in this update’s notes is definitely for that particular bug, there looks to be a very good chance it is. This would be music to the ears of players, who’ve had to deal with the removal of the Trickster+ PlayStyle from Ultimate Team Player Items, which EA deployed as a temporary fix for the glitch not long after it surfaced.

In line with what EA said when it enacted that fix, it doesn’t look as though this title update’s fix will also immediately re-apply Trickster+ to the affected items, with the developer having stated: “Once this issue has been addressed in a future Title Update, we'll be looking to add Trickster+ back to applicable Player Items.”

So, you might have to wait a little longer to see the playstyle make a proper return to the game.

Among the other rectified issues in this particular patch’s notes is one that could see “the goalkeeper (face) away from the ball when attempting to save a shot” in some scenarios and one that could see career mode players be forced to read a book by a club legend more often than the developers had intended.

Another recent problem with EA Sports FC 24, which has since been fixed, prevented players on Xbox from getting into online matches. Meanwhile, the recent arrival of the European game sales charts for September has shown some interesting trends regarding the game in comparison to FIFA 23.

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