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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Supple Piel locations and what it's used for

Hello Zamite, my old friend

Supple Piel in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak might sound gross – because it is – but it’s a necessary component in some worthwhile Master Rank armor sets. The trouble is that it’s also a royal pain to get. You need nearly half a dozen to craft some full sets, so settle in for some grinding.

What is Supple Piel?

Supple Piel is a Master Rank hide item. It shows up with a green icon like other common carve items, though the Supple Piel drop rate is actually quite low. You can only obtain this item from Master Rank quests, so even though the monster that yields it shows up on an early map, you won’t get Supple Piel from it unless you’re on a Master Rank quest.

Monster Hunter Rise Supple Piel location

A map of the Frost Islands showing where to find Zamite

Supple Piel comes from carving Zamite, the pointy-headed lesser monsters that lurk in the waters around the Frost Islands map. In theory, you can find Zamite in regions 7, 8, 11, and 12, but it seems like 7 and 8 are pretty hit and miss. There’s almost always a Zamite or three in sections 11 and 12, though.

If you've already gone through the Meaty Hide grind, it's essentially this again - just at Master Rank.

If you head to region 8, keep an eye out for the Monksnail too.

Head out on a Master Rank Expedition to the Frost Islands, and start your search. Zamite look fierce, but they’re very weak. A few hits should take them out. Any Zamite you do find and kill should respawn after a few minutes, so look around for other items and come back after some time has passed.

Supple Piel only has a 35% drop rate, so plan on doing these runs at least a few times. Make sure to equip the Carving Master skill to increase the number of carves you get as well. It won’t affect the drop rate, but it does at least give you an extra chance of obtaining Supple Piel.

Supple Piel uses

A hunter carves Zamite while trying to find Supple Piel

Supple Piel has two primary uses: as an ingredient in every piece of the Edel X set and in two of the Makluva X set pieces. Both are Master Rank armor sets with good water resistance, though Makluva X has a slight edge over Edel in resistance values and overall defense. Both are excellent picks, and if you like the look of the Edel armor more, you can craft the Edel Layered Armor, which doesn’t require Supple Piel.

If you're after some of Sunbreak's other armor sets, keep an eye out for Purecrystal, Awegite, and Centuria Ore to craft some of the game's best defensive pieces. You'll need all the help you can get if you want to tackle the tougher monsters, including Lunagaron and Shogun Ceanataur.

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