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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Awegite: Awegite locations and what to use it for

Mining for content

Mining Awegite in Monster Hunter Rise is an essential activity once you reach Elgado. Hitting Master Rank is great, except now everything can kill you with just a sideways look. Most Master Rank gear sets are out of your reach this early in the expansion, but Awegite Stone’s primary use is crafting the perfect set of gear to get you going.

What is Awegite in Monster Hunter Rise?

Awegite is one of several minerals you can obtain only once you reach Master Rank, so you can’t farm it ahead of time to get a jump start on Elgado gear. It’s a rare item that shows up with a purple icon, but despite being rare, we’ve had good luck finding it from both white and blue mining outcrops.

Awegite location in Monster Hunter Rise

You can only find Awegite in the Shrine Ruins’ mining outcrops. If you’re only after items, make sure to choose Master Rank Expeditions instead of an actual monster quest, so you don’t have to worry about a time limit.

The Shrine Ruins have roughly a dozen mining outcrops, but if you end up unlucky and can’t find enough Awegite Stone, you can also earn it from two one-star Master Rank quests: Reap What You Sow and Uninvited Guest.

Awegite locations


What is Awegite used for?

So far, it seems like Awegite’s use is only in crafting Master Rank Kamura gear. It might seem like a step in the wrong direction to go back to Kamura gear in Master Rank, but the set is the best early-expansion equipment you can get. More importantly, it’s one of the only Master Rank gear sets you can make for a while in Sunbreak.

You also need Ultimas Crystal to craft Kamura Gear, and lucky for you, it also pops up nearby.

Crafting the Kamura gear pieces only takes about three Awegite Stone, so you can get most of what you need from the two quests.

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