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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Garangolm | Weaknesses, Strategy, Farming

One of the new headline monsters in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is the gorilla-like Garangolm.

In Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll find your first Garangolm in the urgent three star Master Rank quest, "Garangolm Gone Mad".

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This Fanged Beast-type monster is a hulking beast, inspired partly by a gorilla and partly by Frankenstein (yes, really). It can batter you about with its massive fists, its penchant for ripping the earth from under your feet, and its insistence on leaping high then coming down to crush you from up above.

We've put together the following guide to help you learn how you can beat this horror-primate hybrid at its own game, and defeat Garangolm in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

In this guide, you'll find:

Target its fists, bring it down.

How to Beat Garangolm in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

To get the upper hand (or should that be 'fist'?) on Garangolm, there are a few things that you need to remember:

  • Use a Thunder Element weapon
  • Carry Nullberries, Cleanser and Deodorant to rid yourself of any blights its use of elemental attacks will confer
  • Focus on its arms once it coats them in elemental armor
  • Be aggressive when its at its most dangerous and knock it down
  • Try not to face it head on
  • Beware of its dual-fist attacks

Garangolm Strategy in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

You huggin' up the big monkey man!

Garangolm's main threat comes from the way it can leverage two elements at once in order to deal damage to you, and also inflict both Fireblight and Waterblight (if you're not careful). As such, it makes sense to get armor that can offset one – if not both! – of these elements. But, since one property is likely to hit you hard, your main defense should come from how you play, not what you wear.

First up, try using Electric weapons to target the beast. Thunderblight lasts a nice long time once applied to Garangolm, and will help slow it down a bit and let you get around it. You'll notice its got good defenses, so waiting for it to coat its hands in elemental armor before laying down your most damaging attacks is wise.

Once it paints fire and water all over its arms, that should be your cue to go on the offensive. It can not only use Fire and Water separately in the form of punches and projectiles, but it can also combine both elements into powerful elemental blasts. You don't want that to happen; it can take off about 80% of your life when you first encounter it and aren't geared up well.

Try to approach the ape from the sides, not the front, as its earth-ripping attack will likely push you back and leave you open to its hard-hitting leap attacks. The upshot? You can batter its head and stun it if you avoid its leaps.

Yes, it's more dangerous when it has stuff all over its arms, but don't fret: a sustained assault on one of its limbs should bring it down to the ground – and break off the coating – soon enough. Using Blast weapons (anything from the Bishaten/Orangaten tree is a god-send, here) will exponentially speed up this process. Fireblight also works on the water arm, and vice-versa. The best time to target a fist is just after it's been planted in the ground and the ape is recovering.

Remember that rolling three times will get rid of any elemental Blights you may get afflcited with in this fight, and a Healer Palico will set up Cleansers for you if this continues being a problem.

Monster Hunter veterans will likely remember Eruzerion, who was first introduced to the series in Monster Hunter Frontier Z. This elder dragon operated a little like Garangolm, in that its main gimmick was the use of dual elemental properties. Avoiding the build-up of elemental attacks and timing your assaults to avoid the worst of the combination was the trick then, and the same again is true here.

Garangolm Weaknesses

  • Thunderblight
  • Fireblight
  • Blast

Bringing a Thunder weapon, or getting a Thunder-affiliated beast to lay down some damage via Wyvern Riding (Zingore and Rajang are your friends, here) will give you an advantage over Garangolm. Don't focus on its hind legs – though they'll often be vulnerable – since its not weak there. Tail, arms, and head should be the focus with as much Thunder and Blast as you can.

Watch for it to dip its hands in the earth, then focus all of your rage on one fist at a time – knocking it back and removing this coating is the key to winning this fight. It just means you need to get close and dirty with the beast to win at its most dangerous. Barrel bombs once it's knocked down are a treat, and can shatter some of its thick armor.

How to farm Garangolm and get the Cortex, Shard, Thick Juice, Hardfang, Ploughtail and Fist

Get those rewards!

As you'll know by now, to get the most out of any monster fight, you'll want to equip yourself with armour that gives you a decent amount of the Partbreaker skill, and equip yourself with a Blast weapon: this will take off most parts of any monster and allow you to get more pickups. This is aspecially handy for Garangolm, who is weak to Blast.

You should be trying to break the fists as part of the fight, anyway. If you do, there's an 80% chance you'll get a fist in the drop (you'll need these for Golm weapons, mostly). The tail is needed for the armour, and you'll have an 80% chance at that for slicing off its tail. Break the head for 60% shot at the Hardfang (otherwise you'll have to carve it, not capture the Golm).

As with every farming guide, we recommend trapping the monster to net more rewards, depending on what you're after. The best quest to farm Garangolm is the 5-Star Support Survey, Operation Double Garangolm.

A Garangolm table for you.

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