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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Lunagaron | Weaknesses, Strategy, Farming

One of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak's best new beasts is the werewolf-like Lunagaron.

In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, you’ll find your first Lunagraon in the urgent four star Master Rank quest, "Howling Moon".

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"An azure-colored Fanged Wyvern with an organ that chills the air it inhales, which then circulates throughout its body in a unique form of thermoregulation," reads the official description of the monster. "It can travel long distances and endure significant environmental changes, allowing them to occupy a wide range of habitats."

This Fanged Wyvern-type monster is a rapid, dangerous adversary that can switch up its attacks depending on its stance. Whether rushing at you from across the stage, pelting you with ice, or attempting to shred you limb from limb, this werewolf-inspired cross between Tobi-Kadachi and Odogaron is a major threat in both stances.

But don't fret: we've put together the following guide to help you learn how you can beat this lupine legend whilst carting as little as possible in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

In this guide, you'll find:

Your first encounter with Lunagaron won't be easy.

How to Beat Lunagaron in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

To put this rapid, reactive wolf to rest, you are going to need to do a few specific things. To make sure you can come out on top against Lunagaron, here's what we suggest:

  • Use Blast or Fire weapons
  • Carry Nullberries, Cleanser and Deodorant to rid yourself of Iceblight
  • Target its tail, abdomen, and head
  • Counter with your own aggressive bursts when it stands up
  • Be mindful of its tells and don't be afraid to disengage when necessary
  • Wirebug out of its combos, or you'll cart
Don't be fooled; it's not cute.

Lunagaron Strategy in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

So, you want to take on a Lunagaron? First thing's first; get yourself some Ice Resistance from the Dango kitchen. Try to get up to 20 points of resistance from that and some armour (Goss Harag, Barioth, and Somnacanth gear from High Rank should help you out here), and you can even go into the fight totally immune to Iceblight. It's not essential, but if you're struggling, it'll help.

By this point in your Master Rank journey, you should have taken out a few Blood Orange Bishaten, too. Use the weapons you get from defeating this monster here; a weakness to Blast and the massive Blast build-up those weapons confer is useful here. Failing that, get your best fire gear from High Rank and hope that does the job here. If you're using fire (Rathalos weapons, your time is now), make sure to target Lunagaron's abdomen the most; its biggest Fire weakness is here, and you'll find it'll interrupt some key attacks if you lay down enough force.

As for the actual fight itself, Lunagaron is a rapid menance. It takes after Odogaron, who has appeared in the series before, and like its predecessor, Lunagaron can close the gap between you and it very quickly. As such, it poses a threat from anywhere in the arena. Do not get complacent with this monster. It'll punish you for it. Severely.

Lunagaron's werewolf form is deadly. And fast. Deadly fast.

Learn to identify Lunagaron's forms. When on all fours, the wolf is extremely agile, and will spin, lurch and dash towards you. During this state, it's largely best to try and keep up with it – jump in and get some attacks on the head or claws as the oppertunity presents itself, but this should be your defensive phase. There are some combos with long cooldowns here; take these oppertunities to go for the tail. Blunt and Slash attacks are equally as effective.

When it stands up, it can do more damage – but so can you. You'll notice its fangs grow, and it covers itself in ice. Rolls, rather than dives or Wirebug dashes, are often enough to get you out of the way of its slashes and still be in range for melee attacks. Focus on its head and its claws; you'll put down the most damage here, and should you sustain an assault long enough, you'll also be able to break these parts.

Pump enough damage into Lunagaron during its 'werewolf' phase, and you'll knock it out of thestance and back onto all fours. As it scrabbles at the ground, you get a great oppertunity to really smash its various body parts into the ground. Stomp on it – stomp on it real good with Blunt and Blast damage – and it'll revert to its wolf form, and the dance begins again. Hang back, observe attack patterns, and you should be OK.

Be careful of getting stunned; the rapid attacks of the monster paired with its tendency to leap at you from across the map means that a combo, stunlock, kill trio is a real danger. Slow, charge weapons with long build-up times will likely be disadvantageous here.

Under no circumstances let yourself get hit by its dual-claw swipe – telegraphed by the beast leaping backwards and pulling its claws to the side. This can one-hit you if you're afflicted with Iceblight. At least you can see it coming a mile off.

If you're struggling, bring traps to create pitfalls for the beast; since it darts around the stage so much, it almost always falls for any Pitfall or Shock traps you set up. Don't forget that with the right items, you can craft more in the field, too.

Lunagaron Weaknesses

  • Fireblight
  • Blast

It's worth being smart about where you're targeting Lunagaron if you're going in with Fire weapons; simply wailing on its tail and head won't make it worth changing your loadout. Going for its belly and back, though, seems to make the most difference.

Lunagaron's main weaknesses are its head and claws. Just be careful when they're in werewolf mode.

Similarly, targeting its face and claws with explosive weapons – or explosive ammo, if that's more your jam – will work wonders for breaking it out of rage and forcing it to change forms. You want to be in control of this battle, and whilst it's difficult to see openings initially, once you learn the various tell-tale patterns the beast has up its furry sleeve, you can adapt and overcome.

Don't rush in; learn the recovery animations it has from its long (lethal) combos, and hop in to lay down explosive damage then. Don't try and be a hero and attack Lunagaron mid-rampage; all that awaits you is an icy cold death and a mote of frustration.

How to farm Lunagaron and get the Cortex, Shard, Vermilion Hardclaw, Frostborn Hardfang, Bluecore, Frost Jewel, and Lash Shell

Be smart about what you target.

To get the most out of any monster fight, you'll want to equip yourself with armour that gives you a decent amount of the Partbreaker skill, and equip yourself with a Blast weapon, too. Both of these things combined will allow you to deal more damage to individual parts – rendering monsters less effective and allowing you to pilfer more rewards. Handily, Lunagaron is also weak to Blast. Win-win!

One of the most sought-after parts of the Lunagaron is the Luna Vermilion Hardclaw, which there's a 50% chance of nabbing per claw you break. Given that targeting the claws should be your tactic in this fight anyway, this shouldn't be hard to get. The Lash Shell will give you the most trouble, since you only get it from tail breaks or from captures. Target the tail with slash and blunt, and it should go eventually. Staying behind Lunagaron has its fears, though; a tail slash and its rapid ability to turn about-face can quickly mess you up.

As with every farming guide, we recommend trapping the monster to net more rewards, depending on what you're after. The best quest to farm Lunagaron is in the same mission it's introduced in; Howling Moon. This is its weakest form.

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