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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Centuria Ore locations and what it's for

It won't take a century-a lookin' to find

Centuria Ore in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is essential once you hit Master Rank, and not just for making strong armor. You do need it to make sets from Sunbreak’s new monsters, but beyond the defensive boosts these pieces offer, they just look fantastic. It’ll take a fair bit of farming and some time before you have enough to get what you want, though.

What is Centuria Ore?

Centuria Ore is a rare mineral you can only find once you reach Master Rank. It shows up with a common grey icon, so make sure you’re paying attention to the item text when you go mining so it doesn’t get overlooked. You can only get it on Master Rank quests, though considering where you find Centuria Ore, that’s not really an issue.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Centuria Ore location

Centuria Ore only comes from mining outcrops in the new Citadel map. Despite being a rare item, it seems you have equal chances of finding it from blue and white mining outcrops – and the Citadel isn’t short on outcrops either. There’s roughly two dozen outcrops to find, so even with poor luck, you should be able to get at least one chunk of Centuria Ore in each run.

A Citadel map showing white mining outcrop locations
A Citadel map showing blue mining outcrop locations

Make sure to equip the Geologist skill to (sometimes) get an extra chance of mining an outcrop after you exhaust it the first time.

What is Centuria Ore used for?

Centuria Ore shows up as an ingredient in Lunagaron Mail and Garangolm Helm recipes, though it also has uses in the Snowshear and Jelly sets. Of the two headline sets, the Lunagaron set is the better one, not just in overall defense value, but in offering higher resistances. Both are lacking in fire and thunder resistance, though.

If you’re just getting started in Sunbreak and your Elgado quests, though, you won’t really have much access to Centuria Ore or even the monsters needed for these sets. Finding Ultimas Crystal, Awegite, and Allfire Stone is your best bet in the early stages, so you can craft strong armor to help take down the likes of Daimyo Hermitaur and Shogun Ceanatuar.

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