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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Allfire Stone: Where to find and what it's for

Allfire Stone is an important Master Rank crafting material

Allfire Stone in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is one of several materials that unlock once you reach Master Rank. Actually attaining the rank is only the start of the battle. You need to start crafting higher-rank equipment as soon as possible to survive the upcoming challenges, and that means finding materials such as Allfire Stone.

What is Allfire Stone in Monster Hunter Rise?

Allfire Stone is an ore you can harvest from early-game areas, but only once you reach Master Rank. Harvesting mining outcrops at any rank lower than that will get you nothing – or no Allfire Stone at least – but seeing as you don’t need Allfire Stone until Master Rank, you aren’t really missing out.

As a rarer material, Allfire Stones have a higher chance of dropping from white mining outcrops, in theory at least. We’ve found some from blue outcrops as well, so it’s worth trying both.

Where to find Allfire Stone

You receive Allfire Stone from a handful of quests. These are four-star Master Rank quests, which means you won’t unlock them for a while. They’re also finite, obviously, but once you reach four-star Master Rank status, you can also head back to the Lava Caverns to mine Allfire Stone from the outcrops there.

Again, white and blue outcrops seem to have equal chances of dropping the stone, or close enough to equal, so make sure to hit both while doing your rounds. Eat a meal with Gatherer Dango as well to increase your likelihood of getting more items from each outcrop.

Lava Caverns Allfire Stone locations

Here’s where to look in Lava Caverns.

What is Allfire Stone for in Monster Hunter Rise

Allfire Stone is traditionally a high-level crafting material in Monster Hunter, and it serves the same purpose in Sunbreak. You’ll use it to forge and upgrade new weapons and armor, so it’s handy to keep around.

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