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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Purecrystal locations and what it's for

So pure, such crystal - wow

Finding Purecrystal in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is a bit of a chore since it’s yet another random material gained through mining. But it’s a chore worth doing. Purecrystal shows up in multiple crafting recipes, including ones for powerful armor you need to tackle Master Rank’s tougher challenges.

What is Purecrystal in Monster Hunter Rise?

Purecrystal is an ore you can only obtain once you reach Master Rank, so you can’t find it ahead of time and tuck it away for future crafting purposes. It shows up with a light blue icon, though as Purecrystal is fairly rare, your chances of obtaining it are relatively low. We haven’t found much difference between blue and white mining outcrops, though, so at least you have double the chances of obtaining Purecrystal while you’re out looking for it.

Purecrystal location in Monster Hunter Rise

You can find Purecrystal in any of the Flooded Forest’s mining outcrops. As always when item farming, it’s best to head out on an Expedition instead of a regular monster quest so you’re free to gather without a time limit. Make sure to equip the Geologist skill for an extra shot at mining the outcrops.

Flooded Forest has plenty of mining outcrops, so you should be able to net at least a few Purecrystal while you’re here.

What is Purecrystal used for?

Purecrystal pops up in roughly a dozen recipes, including full sets such as the Ingot set and random pieces – the Astalos helm, Gore Mail, and Hawk Coil, for example. Some of these, especially the Gore Magala set, have incredibly good stats and resistances, so it’s worth keeping some Purecrystal on hand as you rise through the ranks.

If you’re just getting started in Sunbreak and your Elgado quests, though, you won’t really have much access to the other parts required in high-level armor forging. Ultimas Crystal, Awegite, and Allfire Stone are your friends in the early stages, so you can craft strong armor to help take down the likes of Daimyo Hermitaur and Shogun Ceanatuar.

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