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Genshin Impact Lakelight Lily locations and Lakelight Lily farming tips

The lakelight is lovely tonight

Finding Genshin Impact Lakelight Lily locations is an easier task than tracking down some other Fontaine local specialties, like Beryl Conch. Lakelight Lily only grows in the Erinnyes region of Fontaine, which is east of Marcotte Station and south of the Laboratory Ruins. They grow aboveground, and you don’t even need to finish any World Quests to access them all.

Genshin Impact Lakelight Lily

What is Lakelight Lily for?

Lakelight Lily is an ascension material for Furina and, as of the version 4.2 update, only Furina. You’ll need 168 Lakelight Lily to get Furina to level 90, and with roughly 75 to gather, it’ll take three trips to get enough.

Genshin Impact Lakelight Lily locations – Loch Urania

You’ll find a cluster of Lakelight Lily around the Loch. The area is buffeted by storms until you complete a certain World Quest, but you can still access all the flowers before completing the quest. There’s a small cluster to the west of the loch and on the road leading to it from the south as well.

There’s an underwater passage at the loch’s north end that leads to the Weeping Willow of the Lake. You don’t have to take it, but there’s a nice selection of crystals for forging throughout the tunnel.

Genshin Impact Lakelight Lily locations – Weeping Willow of the Lake

Most of the Lakelight Lily grow around the shores of the Weeping Willow. There’s not a lot to report here, other than a few enemies and a pretty broad shoreline.

Further up the road is a small pool with yet more Lakelight Lily growing around it and several Hilichurl.

And there’s another cluster further east, near a teleport waypoint along the road to the Foggy Forest.

Genshin Impact Lakelight Lily locations – Foggy Forest Path

The last cluster of Lakelight Lily is a pretty big one as well, and it’s near a puzzle and a large pond in the middle of the Foggy Forest Path.

Genshin Impact Lakelight Lily farming

Lakelight Lily farming is a bit more straightforward thanks to how HoYoverse clustered the flowers. They're in bunches in specific locations, so you can teleport and quickly gather before moving on to the next bunch.

Activate the waypoint naer Loch Urania the first time you visit, so the process is easier next time. Run around the loch and collect the Lakelight Lily, then head back to the waypoint. Head southwest to get the small cluster on the rocky cliff, and then teleport to the western waypoint above the Statue of the Seven to pick up the remaining Lakelight Lily.

You'll want to activate the Weeping Willow waypoint and the one on the hill to its east as well. Travel to the lake waypoint, and travel around the shore's edge, picking up the Lakelight Lily as you go. Make sure to grab the Hydroculus in the willow on your first trip.

Travel back to the waypoint, and run south toward the pond for the next cluster. Fast travel to the eastern waypoint to collect the remaining Lakelight Lily.

Down by the Foggy Bottom Path, you'll find a final large bunch of Lakelight Lily right next to the waypoint.

And that's that. Wait two real-world days for the Lakelight Lily to respawn, and then head back to Erinnyes and do it all again.

If you're saving up Primogems and all these Lakelight Lily and other materials for future Genshin Impact banners, make sure to check out our up-do-date list of Genshin Impact codes for some free Primogems.

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