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Enshrouded Guide: How to master the realm of Embervale

Take on the corrupted realm of Embervale with our Enshrouded Guide!

An Enshrouded character faces off against a gigantic boss knight.
Image credit: Keen Games

In Enshrouded, you weave your own story as the Flameborn, a legendary chosen tasked with cleansing the realm of Embervale of a terrifying corrupting fog that threatens to consume the continent.

As you explore the deserts, mountains and sprawling underground caverns of its dense, voxel-based world, you contend with the now-classic mix of survival, crafting and action-RPG combat as you take on fearsome enemies, towering bosses and hostile environmental hazards.

And that’s to say nothing of the underlying story that runs through everything in Enshrouded. As well as compelling encounters and vital resources, the places you visit will all help you to unravel the mysteries at the heart of your quest.

With so much to find throughout Enshrouded’s vast land of Embervale, one thing quickly becomes clear: it’s dangerous to go alone.

While you can forage, build and fight in up to 16 player co-op, if you’re in need of a more focused escort, that’s where our Enshrouded guide comes in.

We’ve collated useful knowledge and tips from our experience, detailing how to collect practical items, where to find some of the most frequently used resources and materials, and how to wrap your head around some mechanics you might find confusing.

We’ll update this page with new guides as we discover more!

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