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Enshrouded players heading online suffer crashes on launch day

A hotflix is on the way, but for now you'll have to keep things private.

An Enshrouded character holding a pickaxe looks out across a town.
Image credit: Keen Games

A brand-new survival game has just launched, but while many have been excited to jump into Enshrouded for the first time, multiple day-one users have been experiencing crashes when attempting to join online lobbies.

This bug appears to be widespread at the moment, with the game hard crashing when folks click the "join an online game option" on the main menu. However, according to a dev post on the official Enshrouded Discord server, a hotflix is being worked on.

For now, it is suggested that players jump into private or solo sessions until the problem is fixed. Certainly not ideal for those looking to engage with the day-one community, but a problem that'll hopefully be fixed in the coming hours.

So if you've been keen to jump into Enshrouded, and were worried that you were alone in your issues, know that it's not just you. Enshrouded, by many accounts, is a fairly enjoyable survivial game. Whether or not it'll be able to tear you away from Palworld - which has taken the world by storm over the past few days - remains to be seen. Regardless of your tastes, there's a nice new survival game for you.

If you are thinking of jumping into Enshrouded, we've got a nice selection of guides that should help you get started! This includes, how to get metal scraps, how to make a bed, and how to master the realm of embervale.

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