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How to heal in Enshrouded

The best early-game healing items to keep your HP topped up.

A new Enshrouded character (dressed in ragged trousers and no shirt) sits by a campfire underneath some ruins in a forested area.
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Whether you find yourself caught in the poisonous magical fog of the Shroud, get ambushed by the zombie-like humanoids who wander the remains of the world, or just cross paths with a wolf unexpectedly, sooner or later your health in Enshrouded is going to get knocked down by a few points.

A fatal encounter results in you being reset to your latest home base waypoint, and while you get to keep the contents of your inventory hotbars, most of the items stored in your backpack get dropped where you fell. Your grave is marked on the map, so you can navigate back to pick your stuff up; but this isn't ideal, since often the same hazards that killed you last time will still be there when you return. So, while death in Enshrouded isn't usually a disaster, not dying in the first place is still preferable.

Simply never taking damage in this survival game isn't a very realistic option, so in this guide, we'll explain how to heal yourself in Enshrouded.

How to heal in Enshrouded

To heal in Enshrouded, you need to have a healing item of your choice selected in your inventory hotbar. Clicking LMB causes you to consume the item.

Easily the best early-game healing items in Enshrouded are Purple Berries. Found in abundance on bushes growing throughout the woodland area where you're prompted to set down your first home base, Purple Berries can be eaten raw, and yet are surprisingly generous in the amount of healing they give out. While the base healing properties are only +1 HP per berry, you get a nice buff that continuously heals you for the next minute or two while it's active, meaning that even a single berry can restore a decent chunk of health.

It's worth noting that not all food in Enshrouded provides healing, and in fact cooked meats and mushrooms (the other common food sources in the early game) provide buffs that focus on stamina and intelligence, respectively. Likewise, just resting or sleeping isn't enough to recover health on its own, so you'll want to carry around as many Purple Berries as you possibly can — bearing in mind, you can stack up to 20 of them in a single inventory slot. Don't be afraid to use them liberally; after all, they literally grow on trees (well, shrubs).

For a more powerful and immediate heal, a Bandage will gain you +3 health immediately, and Health Potions are even stronger. However, in the early game you'll be reliant on finding these while looting abandoned camps and villages, since you can't craft them straight away, so you're better to use these sparingly and have Purple Berries as your go-to healing item.

While foraging for berries you'll pick up plenty of plant fiber too, so why not put it to some use and check out our guide on how to craft string in Enshrouded?

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