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How to build a base in Enshrouded

Home is where the heart is, since that's where you respawn when you die.

An Enshrouded character holding a pickaxe looks out across a town.
Image credit: Keen Games

Like most survival/crafting games, Enshrouded lets you claim a home base for your character. This is where you'll go to regain rested buffs, craft items, store your excess belongings that you either can't or don't want to carry with you, and where you'll respawn if your character dies.

So, home base is a practical location in Enshrouded, but you'll no doubt want to make it comfortable too, and that begins with a basic shelter. Here's how to start building your first base in Enshrouded.

How to build a base in Enshrouded

One of the first objectives you'll be prompted to complete at the start of the game is to claim an area for your home base. Once you've done this by placing down your stone altar in your chosen location, a generous square of land with the altar at its centre will be your buildable area. Note that you can only build within these home base areas, although you can eventually have more than one in the game.

Once you've constructed and placed down your first workbench, you'll unlock a few basic building objects. You'll also be able to craft a Construction Hammer: with just a single piece of stone in your inventory, you can unlock the ability to enter Construction Mode. While in this mode, you can automatically put your building materials into premade floor, roof, and wall shapes that clip handily together, making it quick and easy to put a basic building together.

You can also place individual blocks freehand outside of Construction Mode if you've got a very specific vision of how you want your base building to look, although be warned it's quite fiddly and takes a long time compared to using the Construction Hammer.

If you want fancy flourishes like windows and doors in your base (I particularly recommend having at least one of the latter), you'll need to construct them at the workbench and place them like any other object. Fortunately, there are wall blocks with spaces left out for windows and doors that you can place in Construction Mode.

Once you've got at least four walls, a roof covering, and a door on your structure, congratulations! You've build your first base. While inside this structure you'll benefit from the Sheltered condition, which increases the rate at which you regain the Rested buff.

If you're looking to get fancy and decorate your base — or at least furnish it with some of the bare essentials — be sure to check out our guide on how to make a bed in Enshrouded.

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