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How to get cloth in Enshrouded

Where to farm torn cloth for quick and easy crafting in Enshrouded's early game.

An Enshrouded character enters an enshrouded village at night and rushes towards a zombified villager.
Image credit: VG247 / Keen Games

Cloth is a key basic resource in Enshrouded, and you'll need a steady supply of it if you want to craft things like better armour and more comfortable furnishings for your base. Unfortunately, at the start of the game, supplies of cloth aren't very plentiful — but you can still get enough to meet your needs, as long as you know where to look. Here's how to get torn cloth in Enshrouded

How to get cloth in Enshrouded

Unlike some of the other more basic resources in Enshrouded, you can't make cloth yourself from the things you find lying about your camp and its environs. Instead, you'll need to rely on looting, repurposing used and tattered cloth for new purposes. Hey, nobody said survival/crafting games weren't a bit nasty sometimes, but if it helps, think of it as upcycling.

At the beginning of the game, your main and best source of cloth will be the bodies of humanoid enemies. Most of the zombie-like monsters you take on will have at least one or two pieces of Torn Cloth on their body when you loot them, so once you have a weapon handy, consider taking these shambling horrors on in combat rather than running away — this will allow you to craft your first armour set, in turn making future combat encounters a bit more forgiving on you, so it's well worth doing.

Unlike metal scraps, which can only be found on zombies dressed in armour and who tend to cluster around abandoned settlements on the map, cloth can be picked up from the more ordinary sort of roaming zombies you encounter occasionally on the road. You might also spot two or three of these shuffling rotters mooching around the edge of your base camp at night, and once you have that weapon, it's worth heading outside of the safe zone every evening and taking them on, since this is the most reliable supply of cloth in the early game.

You can also occasionally pick up cloth by looting objects and crates in abandoned camps and settlements. It's not especially reliable when compared to stripping the clothes off of dead zombies, but it's always worth taking a look at anything you're able to loot, as you'll usually get a useful resource for your trouble, and cloth is one of the possible drops.

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