Destiny 2: Forsaken ultimate guide: tips, hints and walkthroughs for your adventures in space

By Lauren Aitken, Tuesday, 16 October 2018 09:30 GMT

With the recent addition of Destiny 2: Forsaken, one of the most popular shooters around has become bigger, better and even more confusing than ever before. Whether you’re new to the franchise or a veteran Guardian, this guide will act as a hub for all things Forsaken.

Here you’ll find guides and walkthroughs for specific missions, how to find Exotic weapons and how to really boost those Power level numbers. We’ve tried to avoid spoilers for the main campaign for the most part and will be sure to flag any pages that might ruin your immersion, like our review.

If there are any guides you’d like to see about Destiny 2: Forsaken, then please get in touch with your suggestions! You can find all the information about the new update here.

Exotic weapons

  • Two-Tailed Fox Exotic rocket launcher
  • The main perk for this weapon is Twintails, which allows the rocket launcher to fire off two rockets, one Solar, and another Void, that track the same target which makes for an interesting explosion on impact. This weapon is particularly useful in PvP, so keep your eye out for it dropping.

  • Cerberus+1 Exotic Auto Rifle
  • This rifle has four barrels and its main perk means that it shoots erratic bullets from each gun barrel at the same time. ‘Nuff said.

  • Lord of Wolves
  • The Lord of Wolves shotgun was a fan favourite in Destiny and it’s no different this time around in Forsaken. This energy weapon shoots Solar shrapnel at your enemies and packs a punch in PvP mode.

  • Wish-Ender Bow
  • When fully drawn, you can see targets through walls and inflict damage on multiple enemies with a single shot. It also destroys those pesky Taken crystals.

  • Malfeasance
    This Exotic hand cannon is closely tied to Gambit and comes with a deadly perk.

Increase your Power and unlock new Subclass paths

  • Destiny 2 Power, XP and Engram basics
  • If you’re somewhat new to the franchise, it would be worth checking out this guide to learn about the levelling up systems in Destiny 2 and how to use your time effectively to get maximum gains and pump up those rookie numbers.

  • How to hit 600 Power
  • If you’ve reached the soft cap of 500 and want to boost your Power ahead of the upcoming raid, check this guide out for a structured approach to getting the most out of Destiny 2: Forsaken.

  • Unlocking Subclass paths and new Supers
  • You are now able to unlock new Subclass paths and Supers in Forsaken by collecting Seeds of Light, so here’s how to find the first two. You can also check out the details of the new Subclasses here.

  • Unlock the third Seed of Light
  • You can now unlock a third Seed of Light by completing a bounty from Petra Venj.

Challenges, triumphs and public events

The Last Wish raid

The Dreaming City

  • Changes to the Dreaming City
  • All the changes to the Dreaming City since the Last Wish raid was completed.

  • Changes since the first three-weekly reset
  • The Dreaming City has reset itself since the Taken curse took hold, bringing with it new changes.

  • Ascendant Challenge Week 2
  • The Ascendant Challenges are part of the Forsaken end-game content in the Dreaming City. The content and location of the challenge changes weekly.

  • Ascendant Challenge week 3
  • The week 3 challenge requires a bit of precision in platforming, and culminates with a boss fight.

  • Ascendant Challenge week 5
  • This is the easiest of all the challenges so far, but it does require you to have Tincture of Queensfoil.

  • Ascendant Challenge week 6
  • Week 5’s challenge is quite lengthy and there’s a tonne of enemies to get past, so we recommend bringing a sniper rifle and a shotgun for this one.

  • Dreaming City hidden cats
  • Here are the location of all the cats hidden in the Dreaming City. If you present them with a Small Gift, they’ll give you some Legendary gear in return!


  • The Shattered Throne
  • Here’s our guide on how to complete Destiny 2: Forsaken’s first dungeon, The Shattered Throne.

Gambit and Crucible modes

  • Gambit
  • Gambit is the new PvP mode in Forsaken which pits two teams of four against each other in a battle to collect Motes and invade the enemies battlefield in the ultiamte act of sabotage.

  • Crucible
  • A new 4v4 mode called Breakthrough has been released for all Destiny 2 players.

  • Iron Banner
  • The Iron Banner returns with a few changes. Players can expect it to alter slightly every time it becomes available.

Destiny 2: Forsaken road map

More details have emerged regarding the Festival of the Lost. New Triumphs will be available, and Amanda Holliday will offer up daily bounties for the first time. These will reward players with Fragmented Souls which can be used to purchase Festival of the Lost masks, and the Horror Story Legendary Auto Rifle. There’s also a sweet little Ghost dressed up as a cat we need to get our hands on.

If you’re still not convinced that Forsaken is worth the hype, check out our buddy Arekkz’ video where he blasts through the first story mission for a little taste of the action in store.

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