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Destiny 2: Season of Opulence - Pinnacle weapons guide

It wouldn't be a new season in Destiny 2 without a bunch of new Pinnacle weapons, and there's three to get your hands on in the Season of Opulence.

Pinnacle weapons are some of the most difficult to earn in Destiny 2 as they usually come with a bit of a grind. There are three up for grabs again this season from the Crucible, Vanguard and Gambit, with the Crucible getting its first Pinnacle Sniper Rifle.

You'll be able to pick up the quests for the Pinnacle weapons from Lord Shaxx, Zavala and The Drifter respectively, so let's take a look at each weapon in detail and, more importantly, how to get them.

Destiny 2: Season of Opulence - Pinnacle weapons

The quests for these weapons are somewhat easier than previous seasons, but they'll still take a while to complete. It would be a good idea to team up in a fireteam with different weapons to maximise progression, but that choice is up to you - after all, I'm not your mum.

Revoker Sniper Rifle

You'll first need to pick up the In Your Sights quest from Lord Shaxx in the Tower to get your hands on the Revoker. It has the unique perk Reversal of Fortune, where missed shots are returned to the magazine after a short duration, but only one bullet can be returned at a time.

It also features a custom low zoom Ambush SLH25 scope and Snapshot for close quarters battles.

To get it, you must:

  • Land 300 final blows with any Sniper Rifle
  • Get 50 Precision final blows with any Sniper Rifle
  • Earn 3500 Glory points in the Competitive playlist

Interestingly, you won't lose any progress if you lose a Crucible match, even if you overall Glory drops. You also don't need to achieve Fabled rank this Season, which many Guardians will be pleased to hear.

Hush Combat Bow

The Drifter has a Bow for you this season, so visit him to get the Hush, Little Baby quest first.

With Hush, the unique perk is Archer's Gambit, where hip-fired precision shots give a massive draw-speed bonus for a short time. This means you can outfire opponents who aren't expecting such a fast redraw.

To get Hush, you'll have to:

  • Land 1000 final blows with any Bow
  • Get 50 Precision final blows with any Bow
  • Fill up the progress bar to 100% by earning Medals

Again, you won't lose any progress if you lose, so go wild.

Wendigo GL33 Grenade Launcher

Finally, we have the Vanguard Pinnacle weapon. Visit Zavala to pick up the A Gift For The Worthy quest to begin your grind for this powerful Grenade Launcher.

Its unique perk is Explosive Light, where you'll increase it's blast radius and damage by picking up Orbs of Light. It also comes with Blinding Grenades as a magazine option, and you can carry up to six grenades enhanced by Explosive Light at any time.

To get it, you'll have to:

  • Land 1500 final blows with any Grenade Launcher
  • Get 50 Precision final blows with any Grenade Launcher
  • Fill up a progression bar by killing enemies in Strikes

Unlike the other two weapons, dying causes you to lose a small amount of progress. If you manage to get a Grenade Launcher final blow, you'll get a small bonus tacked on to your progress.

In the meantime, check out our Destiny 2: Forsaken guide for more on the Season of Opulence, how to succeed in the Menagerie, what Exotic gear is available and how to reach 690 Power.

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