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How to get Unsullied Hearts and craft Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

Unsullied Hearts are notoriously hard to acquire.

During V Rising, you'll find yourself in need of Unsullied Hearts to take your power to the next level.

Early resources keep everything functioning as they should. However, later on in the game, there comes a need for Greater Blood Essence; as an improvement, so to speak, over standard Blood Essence. This resource can enable you to craft new items and gear of a much better quality.

To craft Greater Blood Essence and keep your castle heart happy, you'll need to get your hands on some Unsullied Hearts first. V Rising does a good job of telling you how to go about the early game, but as you approach the mid-game and further, finding the materials required for various missions - including Unsullied Hearts and Greater Blood Essence - isn't always so obvious.

In the following guide, we explain where to get Unsullied Hearts so that you can craft Greater Blood Essence in V Rising and thus, get your hands on better weapons and armor!

How to get Unsullied Hearts in V Rising

To get Unsullied Hearts in V Rising you need to defeat bosses and enemies over Level 20 and above.

While you're able to acquire items like iron and leather by various means, getting your hands on Unsullied Hearts isn't quite as simple - it's a rare drop from standard enemies, and if you want it reliably, you need to battle mini-bosses and V Blood bosses.

Unsullied Hearts were previously even more difficult to get your hands on, with drops for the item being very rare. This appears to have been changed since the game first became available, and you should have an easier time finding the resource - especially when fighting with high-level enemy mobs.

In my experience, Unsullied Hearts dropped quite regularly from random bandits and enemies in the Gloomrot area. Though, I haven't yet had time to check out what the drop rate is like from mobs elsewhere around Vardoran. Be sure to let us know if you find it anywhere!

If you're tired of battling mobs for the resource, battling it out with the Alpha Wolf is one of the first bosses you'll find in V Rising. After fighting them, make sure to tackle all the V Blood bosses that you can find.

How to get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

To get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising, you'll need to craft it at the Blood Press in your castle using four Unsullied Hearts.

As you make your way through the mid-game, you can also acquire a recipe for Greater Blood Essence that - using the Blood Press machine - requires that you have 200 standard Blood Essences. Considering how easy Blood Essence is to gather, this might be the more viable option for getting Greater Blood Essence for some players.

However, to get your hands on the recipe, you have to defeat V boss, Tristan the Vampire Hunter first. He's a Level 44 boss that can be found in Farbane Woods, so if you've only just started V Rising, you might have to grind for a little longer to be able to face him. Once you do, though, you'll no longer need to worry about Unsullied Hearts, for the most part.

How to get Blood Essence in V Rising

If, for whatever reason, you're still not entirely sure how to get your hands on Blood Essence in V Rising, it's fortunately super easy.

Blood Essence is collected whenever you kill enemies or animals that have blood inside them. This means that if you're killing the likes of the undead, such as skeletons, you won't get any Blood Essence upon their death.

What you need to do is attack the creature of your choosing until they're at super low HP. When their health is low enough, you'll be able to feed on them by pressing 'F', and viola, Blood Essence is all yours. Just 150 or so enemies to go and one major boss fight and you'll be able to craft Greater Blood Essence!

We can only hope that something is done about the exceedingly rare Unsullied Heart drops, but until then, we have some further crafting guides for you! We talk all about how to get your hands on stone bricks, dust, and whetstone here, or how to acquire cotton and spin yarn here.

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