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V Rising - Legacy of Castlevania pits you against legendary vampire hunter Simon Belmont in a neat crossover this spring

Build your own Castlevania stronghold.

V Rising
Image credit: Stunlock Studios

Stunlock Studios and Konami have joined forces to bring V Rising and Castlevania together via a content crossover titled Legacy of Castlevania.

Available in V Rising at release, Legacy of Castlevania finds famed vampire hunter Simon Belmont arriving in Vardoran to challenge all vampires. With his legendary whip and arsenal of holy weaponry, no night stalker will be safe from his crusade. But, if you defeat him, you will unlock the secrets of his iconic weapon, which in turn offers new combat abilities.

Legacy of Castlevania comes to V Rising on May 8Watch on YouTube

While Legacy of Castlevania, including Simon Belmont and the new whip weapon, will come as free content, a Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack cosmetic DLC pack will be available for purchase. This pack allows you to construct castles inspired by Castlevania’s classic gothic aesthetic, enjoy character customization options inspired by classic Castlevania characters, and ride across the land on your new skeletal mount. You can even set the tone in your castle with two Castlevania themes reimagined by V Rising composer Aleksandria Migova.

When V Rising releases through Steam on May 8, you’ll have the opportunity to become the supreme predator of Vardoran, a land of man and monster, where you will stake your claim, and build an imposing castle.

With the full release comes a new endgame zone titled The Ruins of Mortium, a final game chapter, dynamic endgame events, new frs, new V Blood bosses, new weapons and tiers of equipment, improvements to magic, castle building, decor, and storage, gamepad support, game optimization, visual improvements, and more.

V Rising is still available in Early Access on Steam, where it has over 2 million players and 68,604 Very Positive reviews. PlayStation 5 players can pick the game up later this year.

V Rising - Legacy of Castlevania
V Rising - Legacy of Castlevania
Image credit: Stunlock Studios

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