EVE Online: Inferno

Eve Online Inferno v1.1 dated

A update to Eve Online’s 17th free expansion, Inferno, will launch tomorrow, Tuesday June 19. Updates include a graphical overhaul of the Minmatar fleet, accounting for almost a quarter of the ships in CCP’s universe, new uniforms for faction members and a host of fixes to Inferno’s major components. The new features are listed on […]

9 years ago

EVE Online: Inferno headlines

  • CCP working towards 30 year lifespan for EVE Online

    CCP Games are hoping that the world of EVE Online will still be thriving in 20 years time and are fully committed towards achieving this goal.

    9 years ago
  • Inferno launches for EVE Online

    CCP has released Inferno, its seventeenth expansion to EVE Online. The firm also released the launch trailer, to prep you for the new content. It’s posted below. For more information on the expansion, hit up the official website.

    9 years ago
  • CCP unapologetic over "pissed off" EVE Online players

    The upcoming Inferno expansion for EVE Online is likely to send huge numbers of EVE Online players into a nerd rage, which is exactly how CCP likes it.

    9 years ago
  • Inferno expansion for EVE Online releases May 22

    During its EVE Fanfest CCP announced the Inferno expansion for EVE Online will release on May 22. It will be preceded by a precursor patch with new content prepping players for the next expansion. Details on the extra bit of content weren’t provided. The firm also said with Inferno, the wardec interface will be revamped, […]

    9 years ago
  • CCP: Small string of updates releasing for EVE Online before Inferno hits this summer

    EVE Online senior producer Jon Lander has posted an update on the game’s development blog, discussing some small, incremental changes coming to the game before Inferno releases later this year.

    9 years ago