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EVE Online Operation Frostline update is largest this year, advances storyline

EVE Online players have plenty of new stuff to enjoy today - and lapsed players have a reason to wander back in.

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Operation Frostline is the largest EVE Online update of 2015, and prepares the New Eden universe for the release of the Citadel expansion and overhaul in northern spring 2016.

The new story content follows Mordu's Legion as it raids the Serpentis Corporation in the wake of the liberation of Outer Ring Excavations.

The update delivers 13 new ships including Command Destroyers, which have area-of-effect Micro Jump Field Generators, pulling all nearby sub-capital ships with them for 100km leaps. There's also the Endurance, an ice-mining frigate designed for null-security excursions, plus four new Navy Electronic Warfare Frigates and Tech II Logistics Frigates for those who work in teams.

CCP is also pretty proud of its graphical updates. Ships will now display a PvP kill tally, accumulating rust and dust, and shield and armour damage as well as new engine effects. More subtle are tweaks to the appearance of nebulae and starfields, and there's also been a number of changes to various modules. New ship skins have been added and beta orbital and first-person camera controls are available.

There's a lot more to absorb in the full patch notes including balance tweaking and changes to the size of grids, which is important for the mega-structures coming with Citadel next year.

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