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EVE Online Citadel sure is pretty

Fly by some of the amazing new assets coming to EVE Online with the Citadel expansion.

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EVE Online Citadel sure is pretty

EVE Online: Citadel is maybe one of the most anticipated updates of the MMO's modern era, allowing groups of players to build cities in space, larger than any player-made structures before them.

These bases look amazing. EVE is a spectacular game in general, but somehow the enormous majesty of space gets a bit lost when that's all in front of you. Planets and stars are too far beyond our comprehension to provide a sense of scale, and ships could be any size.

But a sodding great big human-made structure hanging in space throws it all back into perspective. That just makes the surrounding expanse all the more beautiful, I think.

Sort of like an item added to a photo for scale, so you can understand what you're looking at, or how a biscuit with a cup of tea makes you remember anew how fantastic a brew up really is. Well, perhaps that latter comparison has more to do with my blood sugar levels right now.

Anyway, Citadel! Looks great, doesn't it. It's out now and also adds "force auxiliary support ships, over 100 new modules, and explosive capital superweapons".

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