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Eve Online Recall Program announced, gives free game time to absent players

Eve Online developer CCP Games has unveiled its new Recall Program, which looks to get absent players back into the game. I'd make a Total Recall joke because the game's set in space, but it'd likely be s**t.

The Eve Online: Recall Program was announced over on the CCP blog, which will allow players to gift seven days of free game time to their friends in exchange for rewards. It is hope that the incentive will get absent players back into the fold.

Inviting members can only claim rewards three times in a month, but it sounds like it could be a decent scheme to get people back.

Said CCP, "It is our ongoing mission to reduce the barriers for players joining - and rejoining - Eve Online so you can continue creating more unforgettable experiences together."

The rewards in question range from items of player clothing, to free PLEX and even a cosmetic ship skin blueprint copy for the Mackinaw Exhumer - The Mackinaw ORE Development edition

Via Eurogamer.

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