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Nightmare Elemental codes

How to redeem Nightmare Elemental codes.

Nightmare Elemental artwork
Image credit: Banana Bunch!!

Nightmare Elemental is an anime-inspired free-roam fighting game in Roblox. In it, you’ll combine elements and complete (and spin for) classes to grow stronger. PVP is enabled everywhere in Nightmare Elemental, so strength is extremely important - if you haven’t leveled up enough, it’s easy to die right after stepping into a match.

If you’re looking to grow as strong as possible early on in the game to prevent this, you might want to use codes to grab some quick freebies. Developer, Banana Bunch!!, usually share these codes online, but if you’re not in the mood to scrounge around, we’ve done all of the hard work for you and compiled this handy list of Nightmare Elemental codes so you can get back to fighting as soon as possible.

All working Nightmare Elemental codes

  • balance1: 60 Spins
  • 4MILVISITS: 60 Spins
  • randomfix: 60 Spins
  • qol1: Free storage
  • fixes2: 60 Spins
  • fixes: 60 Spins
  • thanksfor100klikes: Free storage
  • clans: 60 Spins
  • dragon: 60 Spins
  • year2024: 60 Spins

All expired Nightmare Elemental codes

  • inviteyourfriendsplease
  • 123_christmas
  • merrychristmas2023
  • christmascode987
  • bonusgift123
  • arenaduels5

How do I redeem codes in Nightmare Elemental?

  1. Boot up Nightmare Elemental
  2. Hit the button with a blue house in the top left
  3. Image credit: Banana Bunch!!/VG247
  4. Click "Codes"
  5. Image credit: Banana Bunch!!/VG247
  6. Enter your code
  7. And click "Verify"

If the code works, you'll get a little message pop up in the right saying what you've received. And if the code has expired the message will say that the code is invalid. If the codes you are using expired, don't forget to keep checking back here for the latest.

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