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How multiplayer works in Raft

Here's everything you need to know about surviving alongside friends.

Raft is perhaps one of the best survival games for those who enjoy being out at sea, but if you have a fear of sharks, I've some bad news for you. In the title, you must strive to survive while expanding the raft you've found yourself on, gathering resources from nearby islands and not becoming prey to island creatures.

If you think ocean life could be a little lonely, you can even team up with some friends in Raft to go on the oceanic adventure together. Multiplayer comes with new challenges, though, including the need for more food.

Multiplayer isn't too hard to get to grips with in Raft, but here's everything you need to know when it comes to jumping aboard your Raft and inviting friends!

How to play multiplayer in Raft

In Raft, you can play with a party of up to eight players at a time. Do note that the more players you have, the more resources you'll be able to find, but there'll also be a much higher demand for food and water, and more sharks to deal with. So, while playing alongside your pals is good fun, it'll also feel a little harder.

To party up with your friends, you first must both have the game installed via Steam and your status must be set to online in-game.

Now, start a new world or load the world you plan to play on and ensure that 'Friends can join' is enabled.

Anyone wishing to join the world will be able to select 'Join World' from Raft's main menu, and a list of their online friends' worlds are shown. All they need to do is select your world, enter your password if you applied one, and voila!

That's all for multiplayer. For more on Raft, take a look at how to get Trash Cubes and Trade Coins to get the most out of the Trading Post and unlock new Juicer recipes!

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