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Raft Battery Charger | Where to find all Battery Charger Parts

Keep going and going and...

The Battery Charger in Raft is one of the essential items you should craft as soon as you can. As you’d expect from something called the Battery Charger, this handy piece of machinery charges your batteries, which means you can craft fewer batteries and save those resources for something else. Getting this blueprint takes a bit more effort than usual, in the form of a scavenger hunt on Caravan Island.

How to get the Battery Charger blueprint in Raft

You need three Battery Charger Parts to get the blueprint. They’re all on Caravan Island, and they look like red and blue wires, almost like car battery chargers.

Raft Battery Charger part locations

The first part is near the island’s dock. Face the Bandar Kafilah sign, then walk forward, and you’ll find the parts near some yellow crates right off the dock.

From there, climb up the central caravan stack on the island, the one directly in front of you, and you’ll find the second charger part near the top of the stack, on top of one of the caravans.

The final one is also near the top of the island. Climb up the mountain with the red flag on it (the Mayor’s Office), and take the bridge over to a cluster of three caravans. Climb up the ladder, and the charger part is on the ground near a Crate.

Enter the Mayor’s Office – which you need a key for – and craft the Battery Charger at the workstation there. You need:

  • 15 Plastic
  • 5 Scrap
  • 1 Circuit Board
  • 4 Titanium Ingots
  • How to use the Battery Charger in Raft

You need one Biofuel Cube to power the charger. You can fit two batteries in there, and it’ll take roughly 180 seconds (three minutes) to charge them. One Biofuel Cube is enough to charge four batteries, so you get a fair bit out of them.

Once you're back on your raft, you'll want to start looking into building engine controls. Keeping a juicer around is a handy way to restore health in case of accidents - such as sharks or anglerfish - or if you just need a break, consider casting your line for a bit of fishing.

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