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Raft: How to get Titanium Ore

Titanium Ore can be found and bought easily!

Raft has spent five years in development before finally being rounded off with a recent update, The Final Chapter, and the developers have certainly been ambitious. The survival title sees you wind up on a small raft in the middle of a vast ocean, and it is the ideal game for some summer fun.

That being said, the grind of survival games is still present in Raft, and you will need to fend off sharks and gather resources in order to survive. Between trying to not die of starvation and thirst, you'll spend a lot of time exploring islands and expanding your raft, and one key material for your adventure will be Titanium Ore.

Fortunately, Titanium Ore is not too difficult to buy or come across in Raft. In this guide, we explain how to Titanium Ore, make Titanium Ingots, and how to use both materials.

How to get Titanium Ore in Raft

There are a few ways to get your hands on Titanium Ore, and some of them are much easier than others.

First, you can find Titanium Ore while treasure hunting on an island with a metal detector and a shovel. Treasure hunting is good fun, and you're bound to find more materials than just Titanium Ore. If you're lucky, you can unlock achievements while doing this too!

The Raft Trading Post is shown, and a player is currently trading Trash Cubes for Simple Fishing Bait in Tier 1 of the post.
You can get Titanium Ore in Tier 3 of the 'Buy' menu at the Trading Post, too!

While treasure hunting, there is also every chance that you'll find Safes and Briefcases. These also have a chance of hiding away some Titanium Ore inside too, among other resources, so don't neglect them.

Titanium Ore is also rife in Tangaroa. Across the island, there are a load of buildings and secret rooms to explore. A lot of the Briefcases and Safes to be found around Tangarao will contain Titanium Ore, but these cases do spawn randomly.

If you increase your reputation enough to unlock Tier 3 at the Trading Post, you will be able to buy 2x Titanium Ore at a time in exchange for 3x Trash Cubes and 1x Trade Coin.

How to get Titanium Ingots in Raft

To get Titanium Ingots in Raft, you need to put Titanium Ore into a Smelter. After 2 minutes, the ore will have been smelted into an ingot!

How to use Titanium Ore and Ingots in Raft

Titanium Ore can be smelted into Ingots, as explained above, and it is Titanium Ingots that'll be the most useful for crafting. These ingots can be used to craft multiple useful items, including but not limited to:

  • Water Tank
  • Electric Purifier
  • Large Storage
  • Battery Charger

That's all for Titanium Ore. For more on Raft, take a look at all the characters to choose from, and how to keep sharks away.

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