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Raft Advanced Crop Plot | How to make and use an Advanced Crop Plot

Crops are pretty important for survival.

Raft is the scenic survival game that'll have you and your friends struggling to stay afloat. With sharks hot on your tail, it's up to you to keep them at bay and survive at sea. Don't fear, however, there's plenty of islands to explore and resources to be gathered that'll help with your adventure; Advanced Crop Plots will be key to keeping yourself fed.

Throughout Raft, it is important to keep on top of consuming food and water. It's a survival game, after all, so a few hours without and you're going to come to an untimely end. Advanced Crop Plots are the ideal way of harvesting crops, as not only do they look a little nicer, but they help your crops to grow faster too; nobody is going to go hungry with these!

That being said, in this guide we've explained exactly how to craft Advanced Crop Plots (Small, Medium, and Large ones!), and how to use them in Raft.

How to make an Advanced Crop Plot in Raft

To be able to craft and Advanced Crop Plot, you first must be in possession of a blueprint. There are three blueprints for Small, Medium, and Large Advanced Crop Plots, so you can select one or go about crafting all three around your raft.

You can buy the blueprints from Tier 2 of the Trading Post, with each blueprint costing 1x Trash Cubes and 6x Trade Coins.

If you still need to reach Tier 2, all you need to do is sell and buy things at the Trading Post to increase your reputation. It's relatively easy to do this by selling off unwanted items or catching and selling fish.

The Trading Post in Raft, where you spend Trash Cubes, sits against a blue background
This is the Trading Post in Raft, where you can acquire blueprints and more.

Once the blueprints are all yours, study them at your Research Table. For each size of plot, you will need the following resources:

Advanced Large Crop Plot

  • 12x Planks
  • 12x Nails
  • 4x Ropes
  • 1x Bolt

Advanced Medium Crop Plot

  • 10x Planks
  • 3x Nails
  • 4x Scraps

Advanced Small Crop Plot

  • 8x Planks
  • 3x Nails
  • 2x Ropes

When you're ready to craft the Advanced Crop Plots, you're going to need to gather some extra resources, as the ones used at the Research Desk will be consumed. It's as simple as that!

How to use an Advanced Crop Plot in Raft

When it comes to using Advanced Crop Plots in Raft, they don't actually need to be used any differently to your usual crop plot.

All you need to do is select your seed of choice and make sure it is equipped, and simply interact with the Advanced Crop Plot. This will plant the seed, and all you need to do following this is keep your crops watered! Easy enough, right?

Well, you should note that seagulls will often be a fan of your crops, so you'll need to be prepared to deter them too.

That's it for Advanced Crop Plots! Your raft will have a beautiful, blossoming farm before you know it. For more on Raft, take a look at how to collect all Raft Battery Charger parts, and how you can go about inviting friends to join you.

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