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Raft keys: Where to find Selene Key, Motherlode Key, Mayor's Key, and Crane Key

The door is locked

Safety was evidently on everyone’s minds as the world came to an end in Redbeet’s survival game, as they locked so many key doors that you need a pocketful of keys in Raft to get anywhere. Some of them are quite far away from the doors they belong to, so it’s not always evident where to look to move forward. The Motherlode Key, Crane Key, and Selene Key are among the worst offenders, and while it'll take a bit of time and effort to find them, you do get some handy blueprints as a result, including the Advanced Anchor.

Where to find the Motherlode Key

You need the Motherlode Key before you can access Varuna Point’s shark boss and the Crane Key, though the trek to get it is a perilous one. After getting the spotlight parts and plugging in the spotlight, drop down beneath the jellyfish where you found the parts, and enter the enclosed walkway.

Make your way up through the building, but mind how you go. Nearly every corridor has traps of some kind, including spiked boards on the floor, spiked tubes, and swinging spiked boards that drop from the ceiling. These last ones are the most dangerous, since you can’t usually see them until it’s too late.

At the top of the structure is a room with a mannequin named Amanda. To your right is the Advanced Headlight Blueprint, and to the left is the Motherlode Key.

The Motherlode Key sits on a desk near a power tool

Where to find the Crane Key

Make sure to equip a good headlight, since you’re headed deep underwater. From the walkway near the jellyfish, drop down and keep diving until you reach a rocky area outside another structure with a giant “G” painted on the front.

Go inside, enter the little opening, and continue moving forward until you need to use the Motherlode Key. Make sure your health is topped up, since you’ll be fighting the Mega Shark soon.

After you defeat the Mega Shark – put the explosive barrels on the pillars the shark crashes into several times – you get the Crane Key.

Where to find Selene Key – Constellation puzzle and Temperance code

Far out on Temperance, you need the Selene Key to access the research station – and one of Raft’s new playable characters – and that means solving the Constellation Puzzle using the Temperance code.

The observatory safe code pad on Temperance with three numbers of the combination entered

Head to the observatory. The goal is looking through the telescope, finding the constellations that are pinned up on the wall, and counting the number of stars in them. The order of constellations in the notes you pick up around the observatory is the order of the code – for example, the stars in the hook constellation are the third number in the code.

If you’re having issues sorting this out, though, the Temperance code is 5964.

Getting the Advanced Anchor in Raft

The safe includes a blueprint for the Advanced Anchor. Take it back to the research table, and you can craft the anchor at any point from then on. The Advanced Anchor makes handling the raft a bit easier, since it works in conjunction with the Engine Controls and lowers automatically when the engine controls shut the raft's power off.

Where to find the Mayor’s Key and Infirmary Key

You need two keys on Caravan Island, and the first is the Infirmary Key. It’s in the ocean, so make sure to get it before you start climbing and zipping up the island. Follow the pump pipe near the Container Tower to the bottom of the ocean, where you’ll find the Infirmary Key.

The Infirmary itself is further up the island. Use the ziplines to make your way towards the building complexes further up, and unlock and enter the Infirmary. Inside is the Mayor’s Chest Key.

Once you're back on your raft, you'll want to start looking into building engine controls. Keeping a juicer around is a handy way to restore health in case of accidents - such as sharks or anglerfish - or if you just need a break, consider casting your line for a bit of fishing.

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