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Raft: How to distract and kill sharks

Shark attacks are a common occurrence, so make sure you're prepared.

Raft is a slightly different take on the survival genre, with most of your struggle to survive being while out at sea. After waking up lost and alone, floating on a small raft in the middle of one huge ocean, it's up to you to try and survive. Before you know it, though, your raft can become it's own paradise.

Before you get to that point, however, you'll have to put some work in collecting resources and fending off enemies, namely sharks. Without your raft being reinforced just yet, you'll need to distract or kill sharks if you want your raft to actually make it anywhere.

If you or your raft don't want to fall victim to the sea creature, we've explained in this guide exactly how to go deal with sharks, and how to reinforce your raft so that it's shark-proof.

How to distract and kill sharks in Raft

Sharks will attack your raft every five minutes in Raft. So, if you're hoping to sit back and float to the nearest Radio Tower, you're unfortunately going to have sharks spoiling the peace.

Sharks can attack you, knocking you back 30HP with each bite, meaning four bites and you're dead. The animal will also attack your raft, and without proper reinforcements, they can destroy it.

A shark can be seen attacking a beginner's raft in Raft.
The developers of Raft have rather suitably named this shark Bruce.

How to distract a shark in Raft

To distract a shark, you'll need shark bait. The recipe is as follows:

  • 2x Rope
  • 2x Raw Herring or 2x Raw Pomfret

These fish can be caught using the Wooden Fishing Rod, as better rods will yield bigger fish and not the Pomfrets or Herrings you need.

Once you have shark bait to hand, throw it in the water to keep sharks busy. As long as they're tending to the bait, they won't be biting you or your boat. However, do note that shark bait is only effective for approximately one minute, then the five minute timer before shark attacks will start ticking.

How to kill a shark in Raft

If you're really fed up of sharks, you can just kill them. You can attack them using the following craftable weapons, in order of least effective to most effective:

  • Wooden Spear
  • Metal Spear
  • Stone Arrow
  • Machete
  • Metal Arrow

Once you've jumped into the water and caught the attention of a shark, to effectively attack, you need to attack their nose as they open their mouth.

You'll need to take caution to avoid any incoming attacks from the shark, as not effectively attacking will likely result in you being bitten. Remember, four bites and you're dead!

Once a shark has been killed, it will be approximately three minutes before another spawns. So, all in all, it might be better to keep them distracted unless you really want the 4x Raw Shark Meat and Shark Head that is dropped when killing a shark.

How to make your raft shark-proof in Raft

To shark-proof your raft, to an extent, you'll need to place Foundation Armour on the foundations of your raft. You only need to place armour on outer foundations for it to be effective.

To craft Foundation Armour, you require the following resources:

  • 2x Nail
  • 1x Metal Ingot

Foundation Armour will not stop sharks from attacking or destroying your raft, but it does improve the amount of damage your raft can take. As a result, you'll have a little extra time to deal with sharks and your raft will be a little safer from danger.

After reinforcing your raft, continue to use shark bait or kill them to keep them at bay. Or, if sharks are really getting to you, you can play on Peaceful mode, where the sharks will no longer attack!

That's all for sharks in Raft. For more, take a look at how to get and use Trade Coins and Titanium Ore; these can be pretty useful for expanding your Raft empire!

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