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Raft: How to build Engine Controls

Sooner or later, wind won't be enough to keep your raft going.

Raft is the survival title that tasks you with surviving at sea. Like other titles with a similar premise, you're not a pirate nor do you even have a ship to set sail on. You start with a small raft which you must expand as you explore nearby islands, and before you know it, you could very well have your own floating paradise.

That being said, once you begin to expand your raft, there'll soon come a point where the wind is no longer enough to keep it moving. This is where Engine Controls come in, and you'll need to build these to keep sailing your raft as it gets bigger.

Engine Controls will make your raft feel a lot more like a boat, so here's exactly how to build Engine Controls and use them in Raft!

How to build Engine Controls in Raft

First things first, your raft will need engines. After all, Engine Controls would be useless without any engines to control.

The blueprint for an Engine can be learnt by researching the following resources at your Research Table:

  • 5x Metal Ingot
  • 5x Rope
  • 20x Plank
  • 1x Circuit Board

Note that researched resources are consumed upon use, so be sure to have plenty of additional resources to hand. Additionally, the blueprint for an engine can also be found on the Vasagatan.

An engine in Raft is shown.
This is what a Raft engine looks like.

After having built some engines and placed these around your raft, it's now time to research the blueprint for Engine Controls. At your Research Table, you'll need the following resources to research and craft the controls:

  • 6x Titanium Ingot
  • 6x Scraps
  • 2x Bolt
  • 1x Circuit Board

While you can research Engine Controls at the Research Table, the blueprint for them can also be in the Mayor's Chest at Caravan Island.

With both engines placed and your Engine Controls crafted, place the controls somewhere viable on your raft.

How to use Engine Controls in Raft

Engine Controls are operated using two levers. The lever with the handle can be used to turn your engines on or off, and the other lever is used to control the direction that your raft is rotating in.

Use the levers as and when your raft needs to change direction!

That's all for Engine Controls. For more on Raft, take a look at how to gather Titanium Ore, and how to get Trade Coins and Trash Cubes!

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