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Where to find the machete blueprint in Raft and how to craft it

Chop chop

The machete in Raft is one of the stronger melee weapons you can craft, and it’s handy for clearing away obstacles on Tangaroa Island. Getting it takes a bit of cautious stealth – or a battle against one of Raft’s tough bosses, if you’d rather go all out. Once you have the machete blueprint, crafting the machete only requires basic materials.

Where do you find the machete blueprint in Raft?

The machete blueprint is in a cave on Balboa Island, but it’s not just any cave. It’s Mama Bear’s cave. You can fight her, though we really don’t recommend doing that unless you’ve already got a strong weapon and a good battle plan. Mama Bear can defeat you in two or three hits, and you can distract her while you sneak into the cave anyway.

Distracting Mama Bear is a straightforward task. Grab some of the berries scattered around the island, and put them in the container conveniently placed near the cave. She’ll lumber over there and start eating, and she stays there unless you attack her. So don’t do that.

The blueprint is inside the cave, along with an already-crafted machete.

Mama Bear on Balboa Island walks toward a container full of berries in an autumnal forest

How do you craft the machete in Raft?

Take the blueprint back to your research table and use it to learn how to craft a machete. You’ll need:

  • 3 scrap
  • 2 rope
  • 2 metal ingot
  • 2 bolt

The machete breaks after about 40 uses, so if you’re planning on making it your primary melee weapon, expect to craft quite a few of them.

Once you're back on your raft, you'll want to start looking into building engine controls. Keeping a juicer around is a handy way to restore health in case of accidents - such as sharks or anglerfish - or if you just need a break, consider casting your line for a bit of fishing.

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