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Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth: All party members and how to recruit them

All together now

Ichiban’s great, but even he can't get by without Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth party members. Like any good RPG, Infinite Wealth has plenty of party members, though unlike the last Yakuza, the way they join - and who they join - isn't completely straightforward.

Our Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth party member guide explains who joins with Ichiban and when they all turn up in the story.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth party members

How to recruit Like Dragon Infinite Wealth party members

Every party member joins automatically once you reach specific story milestones. These moments happen regardless of your personal stats or anything else, so you don’t have to worry about missing them or grinding activities to reach a certain point.

Does Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth have a secret character?

Unlike Yakuza LAD, Infinite Wealth doesn’t have a secret character locked behind any substories or special activities, or if it does, they’re hidden so well that no one’s found them yet.

All Infinite Wealth party members and when they join

Infinite Wealth's structure changes halfway through the game and switches between Ichiban's party in Hawaii and Kiryu's in Japan. Outside a few instances in the opening chapters, party members stay in one place and with one hero, so you can't switch them around at will.

Infinite Wealth party members - Ichiban's team

Ichiban meets some new allies in Hawaii and reunites with an old friend later on.

Icihban Kasuga

This one probably goes without saying, but you start the game as Ichiban Kasuga. He remains the central figure in your party until after Chapter 7, when Infinite Wealth switches between the Hawaii and Yokohama parties. Make sure to take care of Ichi in battle. If he falls, the fight ends. Granted, you only lose money – not actual progress – but it’s still a setback to avoid if possible.

Koichi Adachi

Adachi is back and in a situation little better than he was when we met him in Yakuza: Like A Dragon. Adachi briefly joins your party at the end of Chapter 1 and remains through some of Chapter 2. He’ll remain behind in Yokohama as Ichiban does his thing in Hawaii, but Adachi joins up later in Chapter 7.

Kazuma Kiryu

Kiryu shows up as a playable character in Chapter 3 and joins your party with a unique class that transforms his fighting styles from previous games into something a bit different. He’s low on MP, but with good planning and positioning, you can use his basic attacks to demolish most enemies.

Eric Tomizawa

Tomizawa also joins in Chapter 3, as a kind of Nanba replacement with guns. Tomizawa has the highest magic attack of your starting characters, and he knows an electric ability from the start, plus one that counts as a gun attack. He’s handy to keep around, especially once you unlock weapon upgrades with elemental attributes, since another early-level skill makes enemies weak to water-slash-ice.

Chitose Fujinomiya

You meet Chitose at the start of Chapter 3, but she won’t join until you meet up with her in Barracuda territory in Chapter 4. Chitose is the first proper support character and complements Ichiban’s Hero class well.

Infinite Wealth party members - Kiryu's team

After Chapter 8, Kiryu gets help from some of Yakuza 7's stars.

Yu Nanba

Nanba also rejoins Ichi and Adachi in Chapter 1 for a short walk down memory lane – as in, beating up a bunch of Seiryu thugs – before also staying behind when Ichiban leaves for Hawaii. He tags along with Adachi in Chapter 7, but he’s only playable again starting in Chapter 8 as part of Kiryu’s party.

Saeko Mukoda

Saeko teams up with Ichiban for one battle in Chapter 1, and you won’t see her again until Chapter 8. She joins Kiryu’s party then and starts with her old default class, Barmaid. It’s not the best class, but the knockback effects are more useful than ever, thanks to Infinite Wealth’s collision damage.


Seonhee turns up once again in Yokohama, when Kiryu returns to Japan. She’s exceptional at debuffing enemies and inflicting impressive amounts of damage with her special skills, though positioning plays an important role in how effective her hits actually are.

Tianyou Zhao

Zhao also makes a return, but not until quite a bit later. He’ll tag along with Kiryu’s party starting in Chapter 10 and comes with his Gangster job to start with. Gangster is a solid debuffer, which is what Kiryu’s party needs at that point.

Joon-gi Han

Last of all is Joon-gi, who’s actually a bit of a chore to incorporate in your party. He joins right near the end and is underleveled, but his Hitman job still packs a punch.

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