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Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth's resort builds already include Kamurocho knock-offs, indoor cars, and bizarre shrines

And things are likely only going to get weirder from here.

Ichiban Kasuga's house full of toilets in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth.
Image credit: VG247/SEGA/xRyubuz on Reddit

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth has just cruised past the one million units sold mark, and, rather fittingly, it’s happened around the same time that a bunch of players have decided to share the strange and interesting stuff they've built on Dondoko Island so far.

If you haven’t been busy hunting for clues as to the current whereabouts of past Yakuza characters or playing lots of mahjong in Infinite Wealth so far, odds are you’ve at least dipped your toes into creating your own holiday resort on Dondoko Island. Since you’ve got the freedom to build pretty much whatever you want without the Island’s mascots telling you off, players have naturally already begun to create some very impressive and/or very weird stuff.

One of the coolest Dondoko builds that’s been shared on the Yakuza subreddit so far is a “Mini-Kamurocho” - and yes, it’s a re-creation of that iconic Tokyo street that you’ll almost definitely have wandered down as Kazuma Kiryu if you’ve fired up even one Yakuza game over the years. This is clearly something RGG knew people would want to create, given that a lot of the buildings you can unlock for your Dondoko resort are replicas of buildings from Yokohama and Kamurocho.

That said, this player’s still had to put the time in to find the right ones, craft them, and carefully arrange them to match the existing Tenkaichi Street, so I think they still deserve plenty of props.

If you’re after weird builds that Infinite Wealth’s creators are a lot less likely to have planned for, the community’s also delivering plenty of those too. This one thread alone includes mentions of filling Ichiban Kasuga’s house with cars, turning it into a terrifying shrine to Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s Ryo Aoki, and, of course, filling it with far, far too many toilets.

Oh and someone’s apparently filled one plot of land with 300 Majima construction hats and dubbed it "Majima square", because of course they have.

Given how the game’s selling, odds are this is just the beginning of what’s possible with Dondoko Island, so we’ll just have to see what kinds of bizarre builds are doing the rounds a few months down the line.

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