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Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth Sujimon Guide

Now this is how you do a Pokemon parody!

Ichiban Kasuga posing behind three Sujimon in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
Image credit: SEGA/VG247

carries on the Yakuza series tradition of including hilarious parodies of classic video games, but as Ichiban Kasuga takes his ever-expanding quest to Hawaii, Sujimon are back and bigger than ever!

Instead of just filling an encyclopedia of different baddies in a not-so-subtle parody of Pokemon, in Infinite Wealth RGG Studio has massively expanded the scope of Sujimon to a ridiculous degree.

As you collect Sujimon from Japan and Hawaii, you can now command them in three-on-three battles. Plus, on his mission to become a Sujimon master, Ichiban also has to take on a shadowy group of powerful Sujimon trainers called the “Discreet 4” to prove he’s truly got what it takes to be the very best.

The whole storyline includes plenty of ridiculous moments and, considering it’s almost completely optional, ends up being one of the most memorable parts of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

But because it’s such an expanded system, it can be a little overwhelming to begin with. If you’re feeling lost, here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about Sujimon in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

How to unlock Sujimon Battles

Ichiban is introduced to the concept of Sujimon very early on in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, as Substory 2, Sujimon Generation 2, occurs as part of the main quest before you even reach Hawaii.

However, this only unlocks the Sujidex, which catalogues the Sujimon you face in regular battles.

To unlock the expanded Sujimon battle system and take on the parody league, you need to advance the main quest to the point where Tomizawa suggests visiting Anaconda Mall in the western part of Honolulu City.

There you will be able to stock up on useful items before taking on District 5. However, once you arrive, Kasuga will receive a text from the Sujimon Sensei asking him to meet at the PC shop behind the escalators on the second floor.

This begins Substory 37, Choose Your Starter, and really brings the world of Sujimon to life.

After one of Infinite Wealth’s funniest set pieces, you unlock proper Sujimon battles around Hawaii.

How to battle Sujimon

In a Sujimon battle, you choose a roster of six to take into the fight. That includes three starting Sujimon and a back up team of three to send in when any of your starters faint.

To decide who gets to take a turn, an action bar quickly fills at the bottom of the screen. Then, once it’s your turn you can take a variety of actions.

A Sujimon battle between six Sujimon in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
Image credit: SEGA/VG247

First, before you make an attack, you can choose to move one of your battling Sujimon into a different slot. By default, your Sujimon stand in a horizontal row depending on the order you picked them, but that’s not always the best position for them.

Your middle Sujimon’s attacks hit all three opponents, while on either side, the Sujimon will attack the opponent in front of them and one space to the side. By moving them to a different slot, you can set up better match-ups, or remove a weak Sujimon from the firing line.

Once you have positioned your Sujimon, you can either make a normal attack or deploy a special move.

Normal attacks cost action points to perform. This means the higher the point cost of the attack, the “slower” it is, meaning it will be longer before you can move again. Factor this into your strategy when choosing who to attack with!

Special moves are very strong, but can only be used after a few turns when the red bar in the bottom right of the screen has filled.

Once you’ve knocked out all of your opponent’s Sujimon, you’re the winner, and receive various prizes.

You can find Sujimon trainers to battle all over the map. Start off battling “Rookie” trainers, then move up to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Once you reach a milestone trainer rank, you will be invited to take on a member of the Discreet 4. The first boss battle happens at Trainer Rank 10.

Sujimon Type Chart

Again like Pokemon, Sujimon all have elemental types: Red, Green, Blue, Light and Dark.

Some types have the advantage over others, and it pays to remember the interactions and plan your battles accordingly.

Red beats Green, Green beats Blue and Blue beats Red. Light and Dark hurt each other.

Where to catch Sujimon

There are three main ways to expand your roster of Sujimon: Gachapon machines, regular Sujimon battles and crown enemies.

First, dotted around Hawaii and usually in the vicinity of a SujiStop, you can find gachapon machines where you can trade tickets in exchange for random Sujimon.

Regular tickets are easy to find, and obtained naturally throughout your Sujimon battles and by visiting SujiStops.

Master Tickets however are obtained through boss battles with the Discreet Four, and other difficult fights. They’re just random spins, and only work on specific sets of Sujimon, so don’t worry about wasting them.

A defeated Sujimon waiting to be captured in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
Image credit: SEGA/VG247

Next, after regular Sujimon battles throughout the city you can sometimes receive a Sujimon as reward for a win. Sometimes they will be a new character to add to your roster, but often they’re duplicates which can be used as offerings to strengthen your best fighters.

Finally, the extra-tough crown enemies that lurk around the map also double as powerful Sujimon in their own right.

Not every crown enemy is convertible into a Sujimon, but often after you defeat them you see their model panting and defeated in the overworld after a battle. Interact with them and you’ll be able to take a chance on adding them to your team.

A Sujimon accepting a gift in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
Image credit: SEGA/VG247

Crown enemy Sujimon are usually evolved versions of other Sujimon, or just powerful on their own, so they’re always worth checking out.

Two easily accessible ones that will bulk out your team immediately are the Gorgin’ Gourmand next to Boogie Woogie Steak House in Anaconda Mall’s basement parking garage, and the Sewer Rat under the manhole cover in the middle of the road on River Street near Aloha Bridge.

How to catch Sujimon

When you encounter a Sujimon that’s not automatically added to your roster, you need to play a short mini-game to catch them.

First, you need to select a gift to give them. These function like Pokeballs in Pokemon games, where the better the gift, the higher chance you have of capturing the Sujimon.

Ichiban Kasuga offering a box of gifts to a Sujimon in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
Image credit: SEGA/VG247

Once you’ve decided on the gift, you then have to correctly time a slider to hand it over in the best way possible. Wait for the heart bar to be completely full before you press for the biggest bonus.

Finally, to guilt the Sujimon into submission, you need to mash the “X” or “A” button as quickly as possible to compliment the creature.

If you’re successful in your courtship, then the Sujimon will join your party!

How to raise Sujimon

Sujimon all have a few main stats: health, attack power, speed and an overall level.

As you’d expect, health dictates how many hits they can take, power tells you how much basic damage they deal, while speed is added to the stats of your other Sujimon and determines how often and quickly you’re allowed to make a move.

You can raise Sujimon’s stats in a few different ways: with battling, protein shakes, and by offering duplicate Sujimon as tribute.

Battle experience is straightforward and raises a Sujimon’s stats as they gain experience in battle and level up.

Shakes allow you to artificially inflate the level of a Sujimon using items you can buy.

While sacrificing Sujimon lets you increase the stats of your best Sujimon by permanently removing weaker ones from your roster.

When you first unlock Sujimon battles, the maximum level your Sujimon can reach is 10. As you defeat members of the Discreet 4 and increase your Trainer Rank, you will be able to raise the level of your Sujimon higher and higher.

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